How to download and install Viber 3.1 APK for android

The Android operating system is a leader in its own market. This is because it is the best in what it does include when it comes to features. However, the article is not about android, it is about the Viber 3.1 APK app. Today, getting the best app for your android is has become very easy. This is because we have witnessed the growth of Google’s play store. However, if you do not want to download and install apps for your android online, you can always download APK files which offer a lot of benefits to its users compared to the normal method of downloading and installing apps online. Therefore, this brings us to the question, what is Viber 3.1 APK file?

What is Viber 3.1 APK file?

Viber is one of the most popular android apps that most people have in their smartphones. This app works like magic. This app allows users to make free calls. Well, the question is; who doesn’t want to make calls for free? The thing that makes it the best is that one has the ability to make calls in large volumes and it is unlimited as well. This app offers great features despite it being free.

Users also do have the ability to send free unlimited text messages anywhere in the world. In general, this is a communication app that does help people to constantly keep in-touch with friends and relatives.

Viber 3.1 APK for android features and facts

As mentioned above, this great android app has a lot of features that make it a must have app in your android. Some of its features include:-

  • The very first feature that you will notice is that you can make free. Through this feature, users have the ability to make unlimited calls and in large volumes as well. The voice quality is great. It is said that it offers HD quality if your network receiving data is working very well and if it is stable; if you do, expect quality with this great free application for your android.
  • It does not use credits to talk; it uses your internet data connection. This makes using this app very cheap. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to save your money on communication, then there is no other great way to do it other than through this app. Because it gives you the ability to connect or communicate with others through your Wi-Fi connection option.
  • This app does provide free unlimited texts to its users. Moreover, this app gives its users the ability to not only sends free text to their friends and relatives, but also to anyone in other countries. Well, you have to agree that indeed this app provides the best feature when it comes to texting.
  • The app does offer its users the ability to create a certain group where they can chart. The maximum number of people in a group is 40. This can also help students when it comes to class work.
  • Sharing of documents, pictures, videos, and anything related is possible with this app. Moreover, sharing of location is very easy as well. The app does also provide stickers, graphical smiley and many other fun making elements.
  • This app comes with a push notification that does help users not to miss any calls or texts. This is a feature that most users appreciate a lot.
  • It offers the best, elegant and very simple UL.

Well, these are only some of the features, which make this app the best. To know more about this app, why don’t you download it and experience everything first hand?

The download and installation process of Viber 3.1 APK for android

To download and install this application is very easy. It only takes a few steps and you are done. The first thing that you should do is to click on this link. After you have clicked on the link, you will see that the download process for the Viber 3.1 APK for android has begun. It will only take a few seconds to complete. Transfer the downloaded file into your android device and launch the setup file.

It will also take a few seconds to download the file. After you have completed, you can now use your app easily.

Well, if the article has been helpful, you should consider reading Download and install Facebook APK for android devices also.

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3 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    All owners of Android tablets and smartphones can now download and install the latest version of Viber application. The new version is called version and brings new functionality and great customization capabilities. The new iteration comes with a variety of functions, actions and personalization as support for the Desktop application for Mac and Windows. There was also a correction of errors and massive improvements in presentation. In addition to the new version of the application, users now have the possibility of painting the images and then sending their creations to their contacts. At the same time, the updated application brings with it the ability to know when your contacts have seen their messages, new emoticons and also solve several errors that the previous versions had to improve on. There are many new features and capabilities especially created to give users multiple ways to communicate for free, with only an internet connection available in their devices. The new version of the application also comes with a new user interface. The new Viber application is not only a useful tool for communication it also provides impressive performance to all their users.

  2. teamviber says:

    Hi guys!
    This is a member of the Viber Team.
    Thank you for reviewing Viber, we hope you like it as much as we do! 😉

    We would like to point out the sharing documents is not available yet via Viber, but only photos, videos and location.

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we’d be happy to assist.


  3. Ronald Watford says:

    Wow! I have heard of people talking about Viber and I really love it. Viber Messenger is an iOS messaging application that allows notifications to be pushed immediately. It does not necessitate for usernames or logins, but only your phone number as your unique ID. In addition, unlike some messenger apps, Viber Messenger is always on. The download is swift and the install is easy. Viber Messenger has a good interface with a list of clients and a chat window for each ongoing chat session. A neat feature is setting up group talks and being able to share video and music with others at the same time. Ever since Viber Messenger uses your phone number and can read your device’s contacts, there is no need to add anyone. If they are present in your phone book, you can use Viber Messenger with them. As it does not use SMS, there are no expensive text charges to abroad friends, either. I have used Viber Messenger for a few months now and it has quickly become a standard messenger application. The comfort of setup, the lack of logins, and having no need for server accounts make it as easy to set up as possible. Viber is a great app. Kudos!