Download & Use Line App on your Smartphone and Desktop

Are you looking for an amazing messaging app for your smartphone or a PC? If yes then you are at the right place, so please don’t close this page just keep on reading because in the next few minutes you are going to know about an incredible messaging app known as Line.

So what is Line App?

Line is a messaging app which allows its users to make unlimited calls across any mobile platform, which means that it is a cross platform messaging application. The great thing about using line – is that it can handle so many different brands of mobile and smartphone devices.

Line is available for all the Android enabled smart phones, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia handsets. This app can also be used on a Desktop.

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Its Features

Let us checkout all the common features of Line app across all the platforms:

Easy and Simple Interface: 

Line app has an eye catching user interface. Its user interface is simple but very trendy. Line app has easy-to-use user friendly interface which is easy to understand and work with.

Make Unlimited Calls: 

With Line app you can make unlimited calls to anyone but the person at the other end should also have this app on their smart phone/PC. All the voice calls made through this app are free. There is no restriction at all on how many calls one can make on daily basis. The voice clarity depends on your internet speed. You can use this app through Wi-Fi or a mobile internet connection.

SMS freely: 

If you are a SMS freak then with this app you don’t have to bother about the SMS packages. Now you can send unlimited text messages free of cost through Line app. Line app can be used for sending messages across any mobile platform. Unlimited messages can be transmitted free of cost through this amazing app because there is no daily, weekly, monthly or yearly cap for sending messages. It’s an instant messenger which delivers all your messages instantly. Line app uses your internet connection to send all the messages, so you just need to have a reliable internet connection.

Use Smileys and Stickers: 

Always all your chat sessions will be fun filled because Line app has a trendy kind of a look due to presence of stickers and smileys.

Share Photos: 

Now share your favorite pictures instantly through Line app. You can easily share photos through Line app. It makes your conversations fun filled. With its photo sharing feature you can send unlimited pictures through this app. It is fast, furious and fun to share pictures through his app.

Chat in a Group: 

This app allows a user to chat with multiple friends at a time through its group chat function. One can chat with 100 friends at a time.

Send Messages in Voice and Video:

Through Line app one can also send recorded videos and text messages free of cost.

Play Games:

You can also play games with your friends through this app.

All the above mentioned features are available across all the Android enabled smart phones, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia handsets. 

Steps for Installation on your PC:

There are two ways to use Line app on your PC:

I) Let us check the first way, to install Line app on your PC, download this app from its official website (Check the links below). This app is available for Windows and MAC PC. This is the easiest and the best way to install and use Line app on PC.

1)      Download Line App for Windows

2)      Download Line App for Windows 8

3)      Download Line App for MAC OS

II) Second way is to get the Android application file of this software on your PC and then use BlueStacks Android emulator to run this software.

Download Here: BlueStacks Android Emulator 

Installation for Smartphones:

For installing Line app on your smartphone, download this app from its official site. Download this app for your mobile phone from the below mentioned links. 

Download links for Mobiles: 

1)      Line App for BlackBerry

2)      Line App for Nokia

3)      Line App for Android

4)      Line app for iPhone   

After installation enjoy chatting and sharing photos as well as videos with your friends. So hurry up, right now get in touch with all your friends and relatives through this app.

There are many messaging apps on the internet, so tell us which one is your favorite messaging app and we will share some more tips on it soon.

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