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Free Art and Design courses online.

The American Cyber-Culture Foundation: Greg Niemeyer who is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley teaches this course in form of a YouTube video hence making it available to all the people visiting the internet or those interested.

Visual Thinking: An Introduction: This is a free course, presented by a lecture in a YouTube video as he was sharing his ideas with the students at the University of California, Berkeley.

Art: It’s Aesthetics & Philosophy: A free course presented and taught to online students in form of streaming audio files from iTunes by James Grant, a lecturer at Oxford University.

Free Course on smart history: This is a free course, taught to students in form of a series of videos by a group of lecturers from Pratt Institute. The lectures are Beth Harris, MoM & Steven Zucker.

Drawing: The Elements: This free course providing students teaches the students the basics of drawing as an art by Stephen Farthing R.A. in eight practical drawing videos while in class using John Ruskin’s teaching collections at Oxford University.



Free Drawing Lessons: This is a free lesson taught in form of a YouTube video presented by Larry Gluck that provides students with the knowledge on how to draw while putting emphasis on sketching and its historical developments. It is really an important lesson worth taking.

Free studies in Art: This a course offered freely to interested students in the field of Art & Design. The topics covered include development of an artwork, interior design, 3D geometry.

Art and Culture Course: For those interested, the course is offered freely. The course tries to integrate the art and different cultures.

A Guide to Art and Craft: This free course gives students a guideline on how to go about Art and Craft to design and fabricate different handcrafted goods with the aim of countering the mass -produced poor quality machine-made items.

Lessons on Knitting & Sewing: The free course provides students with various pattern that tested by professional knitters in form of downloadable Photos. The patterns are then classified into machine knitting patterns and hand knitting patterns.

Free Painting Lessons: This is a free course offered by the Interactive Art School that enables interested students to discover several techniques of art on color, form and mood. The course contains twenty-seven videos on the key topics taught.

Arts: Visual & Performing: This is a course offered by MIT freely to any interested student and it is contains practice in acting, directing or design on a sustained theater piece.

Art History: An Introduction: The course offered freely at About University which gives students a chronological listing of articles pertinent to the different eras, periods, movements and schools throughout the art history.

The Blender 3D Design: Introduction: Tufts University offers this course free of charge to interested students. The students at the end of the course will have a general introduction to the world of computer of computer generated 3D modeling and animation.

Appreciating The Basics of Art: This is a free eighteen-hour course that provides interested students with the basics of art that can be of importance in their day-to-day lives.

Interesting facts about careers as Art and Design courses online.

  1. 1.   Video game artists and animators earned an average $71,354 per year in the United States, according to the 2011 salary survey by “Game Developer Magazine.” However, many industry professionals earned higher average annual pay including gaming company executives at $106,452, production at $88,544 and programming at $85,733. Segments with lower average yearly wages included quality assurance at $49,009, audio at $68,088 and game design at $70,223
  1. 2.   Only about 11 percent of video game artists were female. They earned average yearly pay of $59,224, compared to the $72,924 made by males. About 74 percent of artists received additional income averaging $12,711 per year. This compensation was in the form of annual bonuses, profit sharing, royalties, stock options and employer contributions to retirement plans. Other benefits were similar to those for professionals in other companies. Nearly 99 percent were entitled to medical insurance, 93 percent granted dental care and 80 percent received 401(k) or any other retirement plans.
  2. 3.   Paula S. Wallace co-founded the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1978 with her parents and her then-husband, taking out a $200,000 loan to buy the college’s first building. Since then it has grown into one of the nation’s largest art schools, and Ms. Wallace’s pay has swelled: In 2008, her total compensation as president was $1,946,730, according to newly released tax documents.
  3. 4.   . Salaries vary widely depending on the sector of employment, geographical location and the experience and reputation of the designer. Range of typical starting salaries for junior graphic designers: £14,000 – £25,000. A senior designer can earn £25,000 – £45,000. A creative director can make up to £65,000. An experienced and valued freelancer can earn up to £40 an hour. The rate increases for designers with impressive records of accomplishment and recommendations.