Certification, Renewal and Salary of Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey

Licensing of Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey

In New Jersey Pharmacy Technicians need license in order to practice their profession, and to do that they must satisfy certain requirements.

Rules and Regulations

There are several rules and the guidelines are as follows:

  1. 1.      Applicants should be at least 18 years of age
  2. 2.      Must have passed high school diploma or GED. Those who were working as full-time pharmacy technician before September 4, 2007 are exempted.
  3. 3.      Must be proficient in written or spoken English.
  4. 4.      Applicants must complete and submit application forms, and pay application fees. $50 non-refundable application fees; and $70 registration fee.
  5. 5.      Must undergo criminal history background check. Certification and Authorization Form for criminal history background check is also submitted as part of applicant’s application. Applicants will be forwarded to take fingerprint upon submission of the forms. Reports of criminal history generated by applicant’s employer or another agency are not accepted. License will not be issued until a complete criminal history is checked and reviewed. Fee for criminal history check is $22.55 and must be sent along with the Certification and Authorization Form.
  6. 6.      Applicants must print application form from Board of Pharmacy website at www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/medical/pharmacy.htm
  7. 7.      Completed and notarized application should be mailed together with passport size photograph; and a copy of applicant’s birth certificate to: Board of Pharmacy, 124 Halsey Street, 6th Floor, Newark, NJ 07102; If the name on applicant’s birth certificate differs from that on the application form, documents proving legal name change must be provided.
  8. 8.      Information will be sent to the applicant upon submission of Certification of Authorization Form for Criminal History Background Check to complete the background check.
  9. 9.      Applicants must review their documents for accuracy and completeness before they submit their application to avoid rejection and unnecessary delays.

Waiting Period

Upon submission of applicant’s application with all the necessary documentations and fees to the Board of Pharmacy, applicant will be forwarded within ten to fourteen business days for finger printing for criminal history background check. Once applicant’s fingerprint is obtained, it will normally take between three to four weeks for the Board of Pharmacy to issue the license. The Board will contact the applicant if it is not satisfied with the information provided or have questions relating to the application.

Renewal of License

Ninety days prior to the expiring date of pharmacy technician’s license a letter will be received from the office of Division of Consumer Affairs to remind the individual of the renewal of license. It is possible to renew license on-line http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/renew/ or call to the office at (973) 273-8090. A pharmacy technician will need a license number and registration code that can be found in the letter from office of Division of Consumer Affairs to renew license. The fee for license renewal is $70 which can also be paid by credit card. License of pharmacy technician will be revoked if it is not renewed within 30 day after the date of expiration. Individual must contact the office for reinstatement of license once it is revoked. Extra fee is paid for this procedure.

Salary of Pharmacy Technician in New Jersey

Without experience Pharmacy Technicians should expect roughly $9 per hour of work. Once they become experience the rate can go up to $16 per hour with benefits. There is a great prospect of vacancies for Pharmacy Technicians in New Jersey. By 2020 some 50,000 vacancies will be available in New Jersey alone according to the labor statistics.


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