Free SEO Training video – the latest updates for the industry

Following a review of the latest SEO courses in the market, the presentation by Mike Moran at UC Irvine has been chosen as one of the best available resources. This was not an easy choice considering the wide variety of options there are today. One key factor was to consider updates: In the wake of Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, many of the conventional techniques are now considered harmful – furthermore, many SEO providers are now to scared to act. Several businesses would have questioned the value of their budget whilst increasing their spend on PPC. The desired outcome of these udates for Google’s share price would have been significant as companies around the world spend more on PPC and less on SEO. Try this free SEO course today and gradually apply it’s suggestions to existing websites and new projects.

Despite the current sentiment on SEO, it is still one of the most important steps in Digital Marketing and some argue that it has now become a CEO function, to understand and critically evaluate SEO as a strategy.

It should be noted that SEO is just one pilar of the digital strategy – and Social Media or Social eCRM is a further step in the process. During the course of the presentation, Mike speaks about content rarity, links, keywords, site architecture and various relevant topics, watch how he explains semantical analysis and authorship profiles, contextual relevance for content marketing. Please watch the entire video and feel free to share your comments on here.


Adriaan Brits is a London based business consultant specializing in digital marketing and eCRM.



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