Remarketing with Adwords and Analytics by Adriaan Brits

Remarketing has taken the world by storm and rightly so: It increases conversions, enable companies to deliver better after sales service and help forgetful web visitors to remember what they were after.

The latest course on Lynda/Linkedin covers a complete  list of things that marketing agencies and in-house operatives need to know in order to set up remarketing campaigns. It will also enable campaign specialsts to take better control of the advertising budget. I cannot think of any company today, that would not benefit from “Remarketing” or “Retargeting”, hence this skill is required in pretty much any office that deals with online advertising.

There are two options if you’d like to joing the course:

To access “Remarketing with Adwords and analytics” via

To access “Remarketing with Adwords and analytics via

Here is what you can expect to learn:

1. About remarketing with Google
1 Introduction to remarketing
2 Building remarketing lists with Google Adwords VS Analytics – key differences
3 Types of remarketing available with Google
4 How re-engagement can increase ROI
2.Essential settings before you start
1 Linking adwords with analytics
2 Remarketing tags explained
3. Setting up Remarketing with Google
1 Basic campaign setup in Adwords
2 Setting up remarketing lists and rules
3 Advanced campaign setup in Google Analytics
4 Switching between Analytics and Adwords for advanced targeting options
5 Setting up dynamic remarketing for e-commerce
6 Updating tags and specifying custom dimensions to Google Analytics
7 Creating audiences for dynamic remarketing
8 Attributes for dynamic remarketing
9 Creating a dynamic remarketing campaign
10 Setting up a dynamic remarketing feed
11 RSLA: Using remarketing lists for search ads
4. Budget and ROI tips
1 Deciding on a remarketing budget
2 Advanced targeting combinations such as region, placements and keywords:
3 Monitoring and adjusting campaigns

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