Design courses

Design courses.

Free Introduction to Elements of design course: The method of administering the course is directly online and through emails sent weekly to the registered students.

Free Adobe Illustrator CS4 Tutorials: Bowling Green State University provides basic Adobe illustrator knowledge under various subtopics, which include basics, selection layers, text, images, objects, arranging, grouping and applying styles. All the processes performed are in a stepwise sequence.

Free Blender 3D Course: The course offered at Tufts provides tips and tools for using Blender 3D Design. A students studying online is provided with PDF’s, student’s projects and videos to aid in their understanding of the course content.

Free Macromedia Flash Course: Courtesy of Utah State University, online students learn Macromedia flash, which include interface basics, drawing tools, bitmaps movie clips and variables.

Free Business Card Designing Course: This course is in form of a video by Don Schecter from Computing illustrating how to use Adobe illustrator to make business cards.

Learn How to Design a Websites free Online: The course aimed at offering to teach students who are interested on how to make website. The method of administering the lessons is by using tutorials in all web development technologies including PHP, XSLT, HTML5, JavaScript and many more.

Free Logo Design Tutorials: In these free tutorials, Ben Hunt demonstrates the related fundamental design characteristics that a logo should have and how these characteristics are employed in creating the logos.

Creating a Revolving Text Effect in Flash: In this free course, David Newkerk demonstrates to interested students how to create the revolving text on his website. The method of administering the course is through written notes in point form.

 Interesting Facts about Design Courses.

In the USA and Canada, the salaries range by the job, title acquired and the state of the economy at that moment. A graphic designer is paid $27,929 – $52,137; a Graphic Artist earns $25,475 – $53,922, a Senior Graphic Designer earns $39,935 – $77,208, an Art Director earns $41,643 – $83,776, a Junior Graphic Designer earns $28,188 – $48,134 while a Creative Director earns $46,737 – $141,744 on average.

Also in other careers related to design but mainly concerned in the computer and technology aspect, include a Web Designer earning $33,415 – $66,445 while others in the Applied Science (AAS) and Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) are paid on an hourly basis.

This include a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafter who earns $12.60 – $24.24, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Designer who earns $13.02 – $29.48, a Mechanical Designer who earns $15.71 – $29.58, a Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Technician earns $14.74 – $24.65, a Mechanical Drafter earns $12.00 – $24.37 and an Engineering Technician who earns $13.34 – $27.18 per working hour.

Other courses specializes in the design of household items and it is a well-paying sector since it is not fully exploited by many people and people always have different preferences to things hence giving the industry a good and ready market.

Those who work here include an Interior Designer who earns $30,965 – $59,903; a Senior Interior Designer earns $38,709 – $81,297, a Project Manager earns $47,500 – $66,466, an Assistant Interior Designer earns $27,054 – $53,638, a Design Director earns $47,593 – $109,277 and a Junior Interior Designer earns $35,608 – $43,446 per month.

In the UK and Europe, often designers are underpaid as a result of the weaker economy in Southern Europe – and it is typical for British design companies to hire in talent from Spain and Italy as “junior” designers at a much lower rate.