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Welcome to our quick guides on how to use Facebook Messenger. Here we will share with you everything need to use the word’s no.1 chat app including a video demonstration and some essentials.

Features of this popular app:

Imagine all the features of Skype – but without the hassle? This is exactly what you can expect:

  • Sending voice messages which are pre-recorded
  • See who’s online at any point in time
  • Receive instant notifications
  • Send any file – MP3 or photos for instant delivery
  • Send emotions such as smiley Gif’s
  • Nearly 40 million users can’t be wrong! What are you waiting for?

Before using messenger on Facebook, let’s just run through our system requirements.  facebook-messangerAs most users, as much as 60% are now using this service via mobile devices, we should consider accessing the following tools:

Popular apps used to run messenger:


1. Facebook Messenger for Android devices:

Google Play offers the most up to date version, click here to update your system.

This is used for smartphones operated by android software.

2. Facebook Messenger for iPhones and iPad (Apple devices):

The iTunes web store offers the latest release, click here to download it now.

Any device iOS etc. which runs Apple’s operating systems will require this.

Devices used to run messenger:

Arguably many users are still using PC and laptop – but really: What is significant about messenger is the fact that it has effectively replaced WeChat and BBM as well as traditional text messages for most mobile users on the go.

Now the above would take care of most users concerns to be able to run the app and start chatting to friends – we’re talking about an array of popular devices used for chat such as:  Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, Huwei, Blackberry, LG, Sony Xperia, iPhone5S,  5C, HTC, Nokia Lumia and Motorola. Bear in mind that on a broad spectrum, US based statistics indicate that iOS still has 60% of the market with Android coming in at 40%. In Asia it is a different ball game with HTC catching up rapidly.

5 easy steps – How to use Messenger:

TechFeed created an awesome guide – please be sure to visit them for more:

The verdict:

You can use messenger to talk to any of your friends, on any device, the only requirement is that they are online and logged into Facebook. The general requirement is that they should be a “friend” and not an “acquaintance” – except for cases where special privileges has been granted.

Yes, this really beats Skype, WeChat and other services. the only possible concern is privacy – get ready to share your entire life in exchange for the convenience of the Facebook platform as there is no guarantee that someone in government is not reading your messages.

You may want to download Facebook apk now. Versions 3.2.1 and 3.6.1 is now available. Getting the latest Apk means that your mobile is truly connected to all Facebook services.

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  1. grisseltds says:

    Messenger is really cool, and on top of it also a free application for your mobile that allows you to reach friends where they are now, you can text your friends for free with your existing data plan. You can also communicate with your friends on their phones and on the web, so you do not miss any of your messages. Another cool thing you can do is email a friend or initiate group a discussion, and you can choose to include their location, share photos with your friends and the friends of the friends that you are in chats with. With Facebook messenger its easy to know who has seen your message and who not. It gives you the chance to go straight to their messages and access your messages and chats as if they were conversations. When you log into Facebook you can also obtain free push notifications on your phone to view each message as soon as it arrives and switch between multiple conversations with the notifications in the application. And what’s great about this is once you know how to get the application then you can have facebook Messenger on any of your iPhone or Android devices.