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bed bath and beyond jobapplicationformIf you work for bed bath and beyond you will get loads of good experience, you must not hesitate to fill our online application. You never know it might just be your dream job. The company has been in business for more then 30 years and has been involved in designing products related to bathroom furnishings, lotions and bath gels, cosmetic items, supplies for kitchens and stuff for interior decoration like towels, bed linens and what not. It’s literally a one of its kind shopping place where you can get almost everything you might need for decorating your home, particularly your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. If you apply as an associate in our company your main job would be to help customers select and buy items for their homes. Your responsibilities also include putting items on display, stocking of items and entering them at the cash register. Their stores are located all over the United States. We have also opened up an online store, which is usually flooded with orders from our regular customers. Bed bath and beyond has quite a number of job vacancies open for enthusiastic individuals, be sure to fill our online application form and then you would be eligible to participate in a company which simply keeps growing and providing excellent working opportunities. 

Minimum Age limit for employment

We are looking for individuals who are 18 and above.

Working hours at bed bath and beyond

The hours normally vary with location. You can check out our website and click on the store locator tab. Then you might search for a location which is nearby to where you live, when you click on each of these store links, you will be able to take a look at the working hours for each particular store. Most stores open around 10 in the morning and usually close at about 9 or 10 in the night. There is also an option of working extra shifts but that is limited to people applying for the jobs of either merchandiser or store clerk. We also offer a very flexible work schedule if you are a family person and need to check out on your family and kids or if you are a busy student. There are all kinds of options available for you.

Apply Online: Visit Official Website of Bed Bath and Beyond

Income and job opportunities for entry level jobs at bed bath and beyond

If you fill out our application form you immediately become eligible for an entry level position. This application is your key to start working in the retail industry as an associate. You can either choose to work as a sales associate, a stock associate or a customer service associate. When you work in customer services you would be responsible  for answering queries regarding our services and products. You need to be familiar with all our company policies regarding return of purchases and other things as well. When you apply for the position of a sales associate, you would try and help the customers to select the correct products, for that you need to have complete knowledge of the products sold at our company. Individuals who are stock associates are responsible for stocking of shelves and keeping them organized. The pay would be at minimum wage.

Management level job opportunities at bed bath and beyond

If you are interested in a management level job , we also have positions vacant for managerial posts. We need individuals who are self sufficient, enthusiastic and motivated. The opening positions available are for store managers, assistant store managers and department managers. It is the responsibility of the management to over see the complete operations of the store. The salary package is quite attractive and can range from $25000 a year to $55’000. The responsibility of assistant store managers is to assist the store managers and help in resolving issues with customer satisfaction. The pay scale for assistant managers is about $15000.  The pay scale normally depends upon  individuals experience, educational back ground and also the location of our store.

There are quite a number of positions vacant at bed bath and beyond, you may decide to work as a data entry worker, customer service representative or even a sales representative. You might work full time or part time, we have a flexible working schedule. The opportunities are endless. There are even positions available for delivery driver, technician etc.

Tips for securing a job at bed bath and beyond

Make sure that your handwriting is crisp and clear, you may not want to make a wrong first impression. Since filling out an application form is the first step towards securing employment you don’t want to make any errors. You might appear to be careless to your future employer if you present a sloppily written application. Imagine yourself in the place of the manager, he or she is a busy individual who does not have time for such trivialities. They may want to hire employees who are hard working and provide a good impression, make sure you are one of those employees. Fill the application form with care and highlight all your skills and experiences in a clear and concise manner.

When you are called in for an interview, make sure that you dress in an appropriate manner which befits your serious intent. That means a simple suite and tie for men and a graceful dress or pants for women. If you dress seriously it shows that you are also serious about your job.

When the interview is complete you might want to make a follow up call regarding your job, make sure to wait for a week and then contact personnel, you may be answered with a pre recorded message, make sure to leave your name and number along with a concise message that you are simply calling as a follow up to your interview. Managers are really very busy people, you imagine yourself in their place and you will know that they have a dozen or so responsibilities. Maybe that’s why they have not had time to reach your application yet, so when you make a follow up call you simply make yourself more memorable and that you are really serious about securing this job

Special tips

 If you are applying at a managerial post, you must bring a copy of your resume, a hard copy of a resume enables a prospective employer to ask more insightful questions regarding your skills and experience. This will work in your benefit, specially if you have a five star work history and experience. Make sure to highlight your good points, these may include certificate of recognition or special awards presented to you on previous jobs. These awards could be for perfect attendance, excellence in service etc. all this will cast a favorable impression of you and show that you have an exceptional working attitude and would always go a little extra for the benefit of your company.

Perks of working at bed bath and beyond

Bed bath and beyond is a really special place to work , here you get endless perks and benefits for good work. You can secure opportunities for paid training as well as potential career growth.

Other perks include insurance coverage, planning benefits and a really good pay scale. There are also opportunities for securing a 401(K) retirement plan, life insurance and medical coverage as well. Paid vacations are also an added bonus of working at bed bath and beyond. At certain stores and locations there’s also an option for entry level workers to gain managerial positions simply through experience and a little bit of training, this is specific to stores which might have open managerial positions.

About bed bath and beyond

Bed bath and beyond was founded in 1971 by Leonard Feinstein and Warren Eisenberg, the company rose to its zenith due to its state of the art decorations and home furnishings. After a great deal of domestic success the company has now expanded into the international market as well by opening up locations in Puerto Rico and Canada. From 2011 onwards more then a 1000 stores have opened up world wide!


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