Brunswick Corporation Application

Brunswick Corporation is traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol BC, it is an S&P and Fortune 500 company. Today, the company is involved in the areas of sports and fitness equipment, yachts, marine propulsion and navigation equipment, a leading manufacturer.

With a wide range of brands, industries, locations, and career paths available, work in the company offers unprecedented opportunities for success. Their workforce comprises people from all professions and backgrounds, in a wide variety of careers, working in a wide range of industries around the world.

Brunswick, a seriously fun place to work

Their company culture can’t help but not be affected by the recreation and leisure products that they manufacture. It’s fun being part of making things that bring joy and happiness to so many people around the world. At the same time, they take their job very seriously, because they are a leader in the various markets that they serve, which takes hard work, dedication – and the best people in the business.

Their team is always looking for talented individuals, creative and bright people that enjoy working with some of the best global brands. The company is the place to be for people who can represent and connect with their customers while working in an environment that combines a diverse cultural background, ethnic and multi-lingual staff.

The company, in order to achieve individual and business goals, follows several key principles that guide their actions:

They allow employees to make good business decisions at all levels

They boost results through collaboration and teamwork

The share information in a timely manner

They treat employees and customers with respect and dignity

They hold themselves accountable for their actions

They maintain ethical behavior at all times

Their manufacturing facilities are the best in the business. They take enormous pride in the excellent safety record of the company, which includes 6 million hours worked without an accident or loss of time. Employees have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to produce some of the highest-quality and most loved products of the industry. Their Sea Ray and Flagler Edgewater plants, to cite only two examples, have won numerous awards, including many awards for customer satisfaction NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association).

Benefits are an important part of your total compensation package. The company is committed to providing valuable and competitive benefits to help meet your individual needs. You have the flexibility to choose the Health, Welfare and Retirement benefit plans that best suit your lifestyle. It is the aim of the company to provide a competitive benefits package that reflects the company’s commitment to support your professional growth, help you to fulfill your long-term financial goals, protect your family, and to achieve a balance between your personal and professional life.

The company offers a generous benefits package unmatched in the Marina, fitness, bowling and billiards industries including: help with long-term financial goals,  a savings plan which includes 401 (k), health and welfare, comprehensive medical, dental, prescription and vision benefits, flexible spending accounts, health benefits assistance program, fitness centers (in some places), financial protection, disability benefits, life and accident insurance, business travel accident insurance, vacations and public holidays, educational tuition reimbursement, general employee assistance program.

Please note: benefits offered to candidates for each location in the company or division may vary from the above and are only available to employees as defined by the company. Contact a human resources professional of the specific location in the company, which is considering employment for more specific information on those benefits.

If Brunswick Corporation sounds like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:

Brunswick Corporation Brief Overview and History

Brunswick is an American manufacturing corporation that has produced a wide variety of products since its inception in 1845. Today it is mainly known for the manufacture of sporting goods in the areas of bowling and billiards as well as in shipbuilding.

The company was founded by John Moses Brunswick. He was an energetic man from the Swiss Bremgarten, who emigrated to the USA at the age of 15. The company J. M. Brunswick Manufacturing opened in September of 1845 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The original factory produced carriages. But only a short time after the company started producing Billiards tables and decided that they were more profitable to produce, as well as pool tables. At this time billiard and pool tables were still imported from England.

The sale of pool tables was a success and already in 1848 the company opened its first branch in Chicago. In 1873 the company merged with its competitor Great Western Billiard Manufactory. Only ten years later, it was another competitor, the H. W. Collender Company from New York. The company grew and began to produce other products. In particular they were known for neo-classical Bars, saloons and a growing business in sports equipment, bowling balls, pins, and bowling alleys. At the beginning of the 20th Century it massively expanded its product range again. They made tires, toilet seats, phonographs and records. In the 1930s, however, the records section of the company was sold to Warner Brothers.

During the Second World War the company was even in the field of aviation. After the war the company started the production of furniture. In the 1950s the company developed an automatic Pinsetter, so that the pins no longer had to be prepared by hand again. Also during this period the company expanded into Golf.

In the following years the company expanded more and more into the Yachting industry and was one of the leading manufacturers. The company produces, among other things, under the brand name a Boston Whaler, Sea Ray, Maxum and Trophy. The company also supplies the American military.

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