C.H. Robinson Application

How to apply at C.H. Robinson

Please follow these steps:

To search for jobs, use their professional search online to find a position or practices that match your skill set and career ambitions by following the URL below to the career section of their website:


Once you find a good match, click on the link “Apply Now” to send your curriculum vitae. See other career opportunities in Europe.

Send curriculum vitae. The company invites you to send your resume online. You can upload your CV or apply without a resume. Their online application process guides you through each step to ensure they have the correct information.

The confirmation is received. Once you have sent your resume to the position of your choice, they will send you an email to confirm that they have received your information. A member of the recruitment team will review your information. If they feel that it would be a good choice for this opportunity or other, they will contact you to initiate the interview process. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please fill out the question form of email in the “Contact Us” page or contact the recruitment team at 800-726-8789.

Here are some recommendations on how to separate yourself from the crowd.

Be sure to find out where their recruiters will appear next. Look for their next job fairs to find the career fairs and universities they will be in the future and plan to check them out. Have a face to face encounter with a recruiter is a great way to stand out as a memorable applicant.

Exhaust the links on their Web sites. Nothing makes you shine as a candidate for the job more than demonstrating a solid understanding of their company. It shows that you are willing to work with them, and that kind of enthusiasm is magnetic. Explore their career and corporate web sites until you have a firm grasp of what they are about. Then, when one of their recruiters gets in touch with you for a phone interview, you will be able to field questions with confidence. Find out more about C. H. Robinson in www.chrobinson.com.

Don’t be a cookie cutter. Don’t be afraid, let your charisma shine. The company is looking for fun, energetic and hardworking applicants who can contribute something new to their team. Show them who you are, not who you think we hope it you will be.

Interview Process

Not all interviews are equal. When you interview with them, you must feel more interactive and less intimidating than a standard job interview.

If they believe that you’re a potential rival for a post, one of their recruiters will contact you for an initial phone interview. It is their way to get to know you better and determine if you are ready for the next phase in the interview process.

Then you will be able to schedule an on-site visit with a tour of the branch and a series of meet and greets with employees and managers of department. They can even schedule a day to enter and shadow an employee to immerse yourself in the industry first-hand of. Each department will conduct their interviews a little different.

C. H. Robinson at Home

If you observe closely, maybe you’ll see their fingerprints in a wide variety of items in your home. Things such as television, bananas that you bought yesterday and the bottled water sitting in your fridge. If they provide complete supply chain management for their clients or only zero in a specific section of their shipping processes, their goal is to run their products through the supply chain and in your hands.

It sounds simple, but with more than 42,000 customers and 56,000 contract carriers around the world, what they do is not a small task. There is an intense need for organization, management and implementation to ensure that products arrive on time to their destination.

They are different from other third party logistics (3PL) companies because they are active without basis, which means they are not owners of their client’s equipment that ships products to their customers. This works for the benefit of their customers since they are free to choose the ideal mode of transport instead of focusing on maintaining the company’s equipment moving. The company’s goal is to provide the best solutions for transport and logistics for their clients.

Benefits & Wellness

In C. H. Robinson, they invest in their people and support their employees within and outside the office. They provide tools and resources to help their approach to employees in a healthy life by promoting the general welfare through emotional wellbeing, physical and financial. These resources of wellness include:

• Medical, dental and vision insurance

• 401 (k) and profit sharing

• Action employee purchase plan

• Flexible Spending Accounts

• Life and disability insurance

• paid vacation and holidays

• Employees assistance Program

Benefits of insurance are available to all employees of 30 or more hours per week of work. Employees are eligible for benefits on the first day of the month following 30 days of employment.

Their culture. Rich in potential.

They attract people who are motivated to demonstrate an incredible potential. Within their walls, you cannot walk around a corner without hitting a worker, who is passionate about what they do. Their people improve their own skills to sharpen the skills of others, constantly improving the production and performance. Take a sample of their employees and you will find an assorted mix of recent graduates, dedicated professionals and veterans that been there for the long term, growing and learning together.

Redefinition of community.

They encourage their employees to think outside of the box and extend their hands helping their local communities. The company is concerned about sponsors a variety of charity events and offers employees an output to participate in their communities while raising monetary support and awareness for great causes.

Work hard, play hard.

Open floor plans, low cubicles, shared workspaces. This is how they work. They are in other’s business every day. They are strong, enthusiastic and passionate. They hold each other responsible for their assignments, activities, and work ethic. You can hear the applause of another part of the office when an employee is to be recognized by a great achievement. They have designed their space to be conducive to work as a team, and they like it that way.

Their employees are quick to make friends within the company and spend time together outside of work. Lunch hour, seminars and charity events are all catalysts for interaction in the time spent that creates strong friendships throughout the organization.

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