Center Point Energy Application

Center Point Energy Company Overview

The company operates in five primary businesses: electric transmission and distribution, distribution of natural gas, natural gas pipelines interstate, field service and sales of natural gas and competitive services:

Electric transmission and distribution (T & D) – They maintain the wires, poles and electric power infrastructure serving their electric service territory of 5,000 square kilometers in the greater Houston area. While the employees of the company ensure the reliable supply of power from power plants to homes and businesses, they do not generate energy or sell it to customers.

Natural gas distribution – They sell and supply natural gas to over 3 million homes and businesses in Minnesota, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma, including the areas of high growth of Houston, and Minneapolis.

Inter-state pipelines – they operate two piping systems of natural gas interstate that together have 8,200 miles of pipes and transport 1.592 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2009.

Field Services – focused on the Mid-continent region, they gather, treat and process natural gas, moving from the source to the pipeline. They also offer maintenance and technical services including their spring monitoring and remote measurement of product: Service Star.

How to apply at Center Point Energy

Follow the URL below to go directly their career site, but we recommend reading further below for some helpful application tips:

The first time you visit: Select search for jobs

You can search for jobs in the menu or scroll down to see the possibilities of current careers. Select Sign In, my account options, access to my profile or apply. Review contract of confidentiality. To create an account click new user. Create/enter a user name. Create/enter a password. Re-enter your password to confirm. Select register.

Returning visitors:

Select search jobs. Select Sign In, my account options, access to my profile or apply

Review contract of confidentiality. Enter your user name and password. Select Login

How to log in (CNP employees)

The first time that an employee logs in: Select employee Login .Enter your SAP ID of eight digits (your employee ID preceded by zeros) under the user name. Your initial password is the first four letters of your last name with the first letter capitalized and the last 4 digits of your social security (for example, Smit9999). Click Login. You will be askeed to create a new password to be used when returning to the site

Returning employees:

Select employee Login. Enter your SAP ID of eight digits (your employee ID preceded by zeros) under user name. Enter the password you created

What they are looking for…

They believe that results are achieved in business through the skills, talents and abilities of their diverse workforce. The performance of their strong business is driven by the good strategy, strong execution and solid values. The company believes in investing in their workforce and continuously analyzing their staffing levels to find ways to optimize their labor resources, plan for the upcoming retreats and extend their leadership development program.

Their employees receive on-the-job training, as well as an introduction to their company, their business and their values because they recognize that the staff plays an integral part in the success of their company. You can choose a dynamic and rewarding career in Center Point Energy where you will be challenged to use your talents and abilities in their businesses and corporate units.

Look through their website and view jobs to see what opportunities may be available. You can only find the perfect career! The company recruits from a variety of disciplines for internships, Co-op, entry level and experienced hire positions.


The company administers aptitude and skills tests to the job candidates for a wide variety of their positions. They associate themselves with the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), an association of companies owned by investors, for several of their pre-employment tests.

Test brochures, practice tests and Skill Builders are available to help you prepare for these tests. These brochures, practice tests and Skill Builders are for informational purposes only and are not a guarantee that the applicant will be successful in a related battery of tests.

The practice tests and test brochures are available for the following:

Technical occupations selection system (technology)

System operator/Power dispatch (SO / PD)

Support and administrative system of selection (SASS)

Test brochures are available for the following:

Customer service representative (CSR)

Their benefits

The company strives to provide a robust and complete benefits package that is designed to keep their employees healthy and happy. The benefits include life, disability and accident insurance, retirement and savings, payment of free time and career development. Each is described below.

Medical, dental and vision

Dental small offers a variety of options in their health plans to help you create a custom set of benefits tailored to you and your family’s needs.

They offer various levels of health care coverage, for the individual and family coverage. The company also offers a choice of dental plan, along with an option for vision coverage. There is also an employee’s assistance program provided free of charge that offers mental health, legal, financial, and counseling services. Flexible Spending Accounts before taxes (health care and dependent care) are available to stretch your money, and they also offer a high-deductible medical plan that is compatible with a health savings account (HSA).

Paid vacation time

The company offers ten annual paid holidays and a generous vacation schedule, with an option to purchase an extra week of vacation.

Career Development

The company’s Career DevOne is CNP University, a source for all company members to expand skills and abilities that enable their company to succeed. CNP University is called a “learning partnership” because it represents a collaboration of the departments and business units with the purpose of employee development and includes training in the classroom, and have an option of online courses.

The company also offers an educational assistance program that offers employees an additional avenue to increase their knowledge and skills. All regular employees, full-time are eligible to participate in these programs.


The company embraces the diversity energy that enriches their work environment, increases employee engagement and improves goodwill in the communities they serve. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion also creates value from a business point of view through the development of collaborative relationships that offer economic benefits for all.

Diversity at the company has three elements that are an important part of their vision to be leading energy company delivery of the United States … and much more.

Competitive Natural Gas sales and services – their business marketing of natural gas, CES, sells natural gas non-regulated rate and related services to approximately 11,100 commercial, industrial and wholesale customers located primarily in the eastern half of the United States.

About the company

They are a company with more than 5 million measured customers and a long history of service. The company is composed of a power transmission and distribution utility that serves the Houston metropolitan area, local natural gas distribution companies in six states, a competitive sale of natural gas service and business that serve clients in the east half of the U.S., two natural gas pipelines in the region Mid-continent with interstate pipeline operations, and a field of business services with natural gas gathering operations, also in the Mid-continent region. They are an established company with substantial assets that are managed by experienced people.

The company’s vision is to be recognized as leading energy delivery company of the United States … and much more. They know that the reliable power is not a luxury. It is for them to keep the lights on and provide clean natural gas to homes, factories and companies. Their long tradition of dedication and hard work adds to a company of people who are always there for their customers and neighbors, for their employees and their families and for their shareholders.

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