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Working at Equity Residential

A career path is too narrow a trip – at Equity Residential they want to move up, over, around and through your potential. Come work with them and take advantage of the opportunity to make someone’s day.

What they’re made of…

The bricks of the company are the correct apartments in the correct markets, operational excellence and building relationships that create loyal residents and have the best people in the place to do it all.

Build equity in your future

Who works in this company? People who are really good at their jobs, who appreciate the community in general, who work hard and play nice and value the contributions of others. That is their culture.

Their history

In the 1960s, two guys at the University of Michigan – Sam Zell and Bob Lurie – began to manage students’ apartment buildings. During the next five decades, the buildings changed but the basic philosophy would remain the same: investing in properties at the right price and hire the best people to manage them well.

From that humble start an industry leader raised, who in 1993 joined the NYSE and in 2001 was the first apartment company in the S & P 500. Today, their portfolio of high quality properties in the growth of the markets of  Washington DC, Seattle, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to name a few – offers homes where people most want to live.

Still they buy, construct, rehab and manage their apartment communities, but in the way, not only did they grow; they transform how they do business. Since their state-of-the-art operating system to the way they develop their people, cultivate their culture and connect with their residents, this company is leading the way.

Their people make the difference

They have the best people in the business and their experience shows in their commitment to the residents and in how much they appreciate each other as colleagues. It is why their employees say they are proud of their work in this company, a company that knows how home should feel.

There is something about this company. Their passion.

You are important. What you bring to the table – you are heard, you make a difference and here you can be yourself – is what makes this company something special.


This team, is inspired to serve its customers and have the will to win. By providing amazing life-styles in the neighborhoods people want to live, work and play.

Live well: A job must be more than just the salary. We all need the proper mixture of elements career, environmental, social, economic, and community in order to be our best. In this company, they are committed to providing the tools to help their employees achieve their optimum balance. This goes beyond simply doing well – this is wellbeing.

Career wellbeing: 90% of the company’s employees say that they know what is expected of them at work and even most of them feel that their skills are a good fit for what they do and they are proud to say this.

Financial wellbeing: The company’s philosophy is to recognize the best performers and help provide for the future by providing them highly competitive compensation.

Physical wellbeing: Their objective of wellbeing aids to prevent small problems become life-changing events.

Community wellbeing: They give employees free time to roll up their sleeves and lend a hand in the communities where they live and work.

Social wellbeing: Create connections is the key to their culture and their company – 82% of their employees report that they have at least one good friend at work.

Everything is in the family: The company offers benefits to same-sex domestic partners (and picks up the difference in taxes) as well as adoption assistance for employees who wish to expand their families.

No place like home: The company’s employees are qualified for up to 20% discounts in the company’s apartments.

If Equity Residential is starting to sound like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:


Additional Benefits

The company offers a variety of programs to quit smoking tobacco for employees ready to get rid of the habit because the only safer cigarette is the last one.

A reason to smile: The company grants an impressive dental coverage to help with certain health conditions without additional cost to employees.

Bow wow: This company also offers insurance for pets so your best friend can live a healthier life.

A good tip: From problems in relationships to debt management, our 24-7 program of assistance for employees, LifeWorks can help for free.

Where there’s a will… MetLaw`s program provides employees with experienced lawyers that can provide assistance with planning, mortgage refinancing and other legal matters at less than $10 per check.

Match game: The company offers a match of 3% in contributions to the advantage 401 (k) program for employees.

Giving back: To participate in community service projects, full-time employees each year get up to eight hours of paid leave.

They are aware that their people are the best in the business, so they’re going the extra mile to provide programs that they know will help their employees achieve an optimal balance.

Diversity: As their residents, their employees come from all over. A richly diverse work environment captures the superior talent, it cultivates the best ideas and creates the widest possible base for success. Bringing together a deep variety of cultures, origins and perspectives, they know when their heads are put together, good things tend to happen.

(Read this alarming article on smoking in Greece and EU laws)

Serving the communities: Creating strong communities is about what they are. Every full-time employee can take eight hours of rest paid each year to carry out community service projects. They also sponsored service events that include their employees and residents work together, to grant everyone with an opportunity to serve.

Green works: Their initiative green/sustainability sees the internal landscape, allowing sustainable practices and green from the frame on their everyday solutions.

Sustainability: In this company, sustainability and social responsibility are key drivers in their approach to create the best apartment communities better for people to live, work and play.

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