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If you are ready to undertake a challenging and rewarding career as any other in the retail sector, look at the opportunities in store operations at Family Dollar. Their largest division of store operations is the heart and soul of their company. Their opportunities for store offer a wide variety from stocking shelves, running a register and attention to customer to service management and operation of clean and tidy in stock stores. Their career development path offers you the possibility to choose the way that you would like to continue at your own pace. This company offers a rewarding career for people who are seeking to broaden their experience in long term sales.

 Online Employment Application

You can fill out and submit an online request for this company by clicking this link:

If you are applying for a management post, you can send your resume in one of three ways:

Submit your CV to the application, cut and paste a copy in an existing file in the site or create a link to your web page.

Most careers at this company begin with entry-level positions. Entry level opportunities are available in their distribution centers around the country also. This company has many new openings in the southwest where bilingual applicants are needed. If you are fluent in Spanish and English, this is your opportunity to begin a new and lucrative career. By keeping office staff in the lowest effective rate of effective staffing rate, the company is able to add jobs to the local areas. Because of this, it takes them 6 – 8 weeks for the company to check and respond to applications. Don’t try to obtain information before that time if you want to have positive results. The company requests that you show patience and you will hear from them.

The company’s in store operations are designed as real team experiences. Everybody participates in the routine activities necessary to operate the store efficiently for a strong customer experience.

Cashiers – As cashier, you will be trained to accurately and quickly ring the client’s purchases in the register It is expected of you to be professional but friendly. The company does not accept credit cards. Therefore, you are expected to be responsible for the discrepancies of cash that may arise. This may mean that you will have to explain whether there is a shortage or a surplus in your registry.

Sales Associates – As a sales associate, you will stock merchandise, clean spills in the corridors and you must interact in a positive and useful way with clients. Each member of the team – including managers – will have stocking tasks. In store office tasks are performed by the management team only.

Distribution Centers have openings for those who pull product and prepare it for shipment to the local shops. The requirements for these jobs include the ability to record accurately the stock numbers, article descriptions and quantity of merchandise sent to a particular place. Excellent reading and writing are crucial. Additionaly, the ability to lift 50 pound objects may be necessary in some areas of the center.

 The company’s management careers

Starting a career in management at Family Dollar can be done in two ways: promoting from within and recruitment from without. If you are not the company’s employee and would like to submit an application for management at this company, click on the link provided. Due to the recent and continuing expansion of the company, there are more than usual openings in management. Some of the vacancies currently available include: assistant store manager, store manager, district managers, transportation maintenance supervisor, and human resources managers

Find one that interests you and then send your resume and job application to this company.

 Basic Tips to apply to this company

Always check your application form for this company to make sure your address, phone number, email address and other relevant information is correctly typed.

List any specific qualities that you have that could benefit this company as a whole. This could include being a team player, bilingual experience and what languages you speak, university student interested in a career within the company.

It is recommended to fill the company’s application and then save it for 24 hours before you send it. This allows time to mentally review the application and add any significant information that may have been left out by accident.

Be sure to fill all the blank spaces on the application that apply to you. If there are areas that don’t apply, fill them with “n/a” to ensure the interviewer you have read the form completely. For specific details on the benefits for the position you are applying for, ask your interviewer in the first meeting for more information.  Double check your breath and aspect of cleanliness. You are asking to be a visual representative of this company. “Look” the part. Clean hands, hair and minimum makeup styling is always noticeable. Give examples in your curriculum vitae or in the application for the things you have done as a “team player” that you are proud to do. If this is to play in a team sport where we shared the victory with another player or in an office where you and another member of the office worked together in a special project, talk about it in the interview.

If you are interested in being promoted to management at some point, share that desire in your first interview. Ask your interviewer to suggest a way to create that goal. Prepare yourself to learn about marketing techniques and supervision methods in your own time in classes at the University or on-line. Speak politely and in a friendly tone when you meet any employee even if they’re not going to be your boss. It is common for an hourly employee accompany you to the supervisor or manager for your interview. After you have left, the associate is requested for their input about your personality and mannerisms. During your first interview mention a second “team” experience that makes you feel good. Show the interviewer that the incident on the application was not an “accident”.

Visit the company’s web site for community volunteer activities that are held in your area. Either go to one of them or read about them in other areas. If there are some community activities for the company’s employees to volunteer as a group that you would like to suggest as a community activity for the company to which you are interviewing, mention them during the interview. This is especially true for stores or areas that do not have any active community interaction.

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