Kodak Application

The Eastman Kodak Company is a multinational company, formerly it supplied mainly products for photographic equipment, but it is now largely focused on professional printing presses. Eastman Kodak is in the S&P 500 stock index. Their headquarters are located in Rochester, Monroe County, New York in the United States.

The choice of the word Kodak as the name of the company seems to have its justification in purely commercial motives, because it is easy to pronounce in all languages. George Eastman always said that he had taken this word from the language of small children. Its commercial success was the introduction of spool of paper on the market in the year 1888, which led to the replacement of the glass plates employed so far, as well as the launch in the same year of the Kodak 100 camera view, which used spools of circular 100 photos and for whose promotion campaign they coined the phrase “You push the button, we do the rest”.  Other cameras that were famous were the “Brownie” and the “Instamatic”.

In addition to their chambers, Kodak has been one of the major suppliers of photographic film for the amateur and professional sectors. At present, after a period of economic crisis, the company has decided to refocus its business into digital photography, which has generated questions about whether it will uphold the traditional production of cameras, photographic film and other products.

After losing a battle for the patent of instant photography with Polaroid, Kodak abandonment of the market snapshot cameras in the year 1986.

Careers at Kodak

Kodak is transforming itself into a B2B company focused on the business of commercial imagery. Our company will focus on commercial packaging, and printing solutions and functional business services–markets where we offer customers advanced technologies and give them a competitive advantage. Also we continue to offer major entertainment products and services of images and commercial films. While continuing our transformation, please check regularly for exciting new career opportunities.

If Kodak sounds like a place you’d really love to work at then follow the URL below to the company’s website and apply online today:


Kodak International Job Openings

As the world leader in imaging, Kodak is always looking for talented people in multiple countries. Besides the U.S., there are Career opportunities mainly in Canada, China, Germany and the UK.

Kodak culture & diversity

The environment that the people of Kodak established together during 100 years of progress is based on a strong set of values that are supported with pride. Now you can take advantage of an incredibly diverse environment where everyone is recognized for their contributions. To keep a truly diverse workforce. They maintain a world class culture that begins and ends with an unwavering commitment to diversity. They are a company dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining highly qualified individuals with a variety of perspectives from all cultures and all segments of the population. They value diverse points of view, all working together toward common goals.

Mission and values

Everyone at Kodak works from a set of core values, and they are proud that their personal conduct allows for an environment free of distractions and inappropriate pressure.

They show respect to the dignity of the individual. And in the process, assess and defend human differences. This helps to maintain the diversity of their workforce. They maintain an uncompromising integrity, and encourage honest and ethical behavior in all transactions, by placing the success of their business and their people ahead of any personal benefit. They give and expect unquestioning trust, working in an environment that with trust for one another where information is shared freely, with everyone working to the best of their ability. Maintaining constant credibility by constantly delivering on their commitments (and even admitting that the occasional error), thus earning the credibility of those around them.

They support continuous improvement and personal renewal with varied opportunities for learning and individual growth which allow them achieve the expectations of their world-class customers. They recognize and celebrate the achievement and welcome the opportunity to openly celebrate the achievements of the team which contribute to the success of Kodak.

Kodak’s Mission

With the values given above in mind, the company wants to grow faster than its competitors by providing customers with the solutions they need to capture, store, process, output and communicate with images anywhere, at any time. You will get a competitive advantage by delivering distinguished, profitable solutions, including: supplies, hardware, software, systems and services, quickly and with impeccable quality. All this is thanks to their diverse team of energetic, results-oriented employees with world class talent and the skills necessary to sustain Kodak as the world leader in image projection.

Working at Kodak Offers More Than a Pay-check

The company is proud to offer a package of comprehensive benefits and compensation for a diverse workforce that gives you security today, and helps you plan for the future to allow you to balance work and life. The company offers employees competitive compensation, based on market performance. Besides competitive pay, the company offers an opportunity to take part in profit sharing, commission or variable pay plans based both on individual performance and the opportunity to share in the success of the company.

The benefits program of the company (Flex program) allows you to customize benefits annually to the needs of you and your family. The company contributes toward the cost of many benefits of the Flex program. The following are the options for benefits within the flex program:

Dental, Medical, flexible spending accounts (health care & dependent care), savings account health (HSA), life insurance – Employee & Dependent accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD & D) – Employee & Dependent long-term disability (LTD). Everyone in the world wants financial security. Balance In addition to money is part of the retirement program for new employees.

Balance Between Work Life and Family Life at Kodak

The company is recognized as a leader in policies and programs that give you the resources and flexibility to meet personal needs and at the same time contribute to the success of the company. The programs include: adoption plan support, adoption service resources, relocation assistance, vacations and public holidays.

The company offers access to programs and resources that help employees balance their commitment to meet the needs of the business along with personal, family and community responsibilities. Below are some of the policies and programs.

Employee networks, physical fitness centers, flexible working arrangements, health and wellness programs, work, family and health seminars (available in Rochester). Part-time employees are eligible for the benefits described above. Employers’ contributions toward the cost of some of the benefits may vary.

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