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mc donalds job applicationMcDonald’s is a long-standing world recognised organisation, notable for it’s logo colloquially referred to as ‘the Golden Arches’. When working there you will see the diverse range of options they serve. Their original items the ‘Big Mac’, ‘Quarter Pounders’, and milkshakes are popular items and continue to be bought in great quantities to this day. However, people now also want healthy eating options such as salads and wraps in order to keep pace with today’s modern world. When working for McDonald’s you will realise the fact that they are a, even after all these years, a growing brand and thus you will always be needed by them. Thus McDonald’s can offer promotion, a working schedule around you, further training and much more. They have over 33,000 restaurants in the world, over 68 million people eat with them every day thus you will definitely have somewhere to fit in.


Applying Online

McDonald’s being a vibrant and modern brand have streamlined their application process thus you can apply online to any outlet in the United States. Firstly you narrow your area of expertise, ‘Crew’, ‘Management’ or ‘Support’. Therein they list every opportunity available according to location, remuneration and extra benefits. Once you have made your decision on which position to apply for then you can select to Apply via the big red button.

GET THE FORM NOW: Copy the link below to get the PDF job application form and remember to find a free course on our website to improve your CV today:

You may then check out the Mac State careers page here:


Working requirements at McDonald’s

McDonald’s working requirements depend on which state you are in, and thus it is best to know what your state’s legal age of work is before applying. However, in some states they have workers from 14, but mostly the labour laws put the minim working age at 16.


McDonald’s Working Hours

Due to the number of shops they have there is no one set opening time for McDonald’s, but most will have breakfast items and so normally open around 6AM and close after or around midnight. Clearly you will not be working 18 hours a day, but this wide range of hours means that you can fit it to your schedule such as school, home or sports commitments.


McDonald’s Front-End Pay and Training

If you apply for a front-end staff position, typically an entry-level position, you will be paid the minimum wage – this is dependent on which state you are living in. However, each member of staff in a McDonald’s establishment is trained fully, commonly called the ‘Hamburger U’ programme. Most of its employees will be promoted to other positions within its structure since you will have gained ground-up knowledge. As such all team members are trained in many areas of expertise from front end ordering to food preparation.


Higher-Tier McDonald’s Positions

As said in McDonald’s the opportunity for promotion is great. Their thorough and robust approach to training means that all employees are highly qualified in many areas. This training goes to even the management at a McDonald’s, where you will be assimilated to the team dynamics and further requirements of your particular outlet.

There are different levels of managers in a McDonald’s some are floor managers, others assistant and finally store manager. On account of the higher level position the working hours are slightly different since you are part of the structure; however, pay usually goes to fifty thousand dollars annually.


A McDonald’s  Job Application

To see the specific job description of a post go to the McDonald’s website, easily found on Google ‘’ which will give you a specific breakdown of the positions available.

With this breakdown you can then click on the positions and ascertain more information about them, such as pay, benefits and responsibilities. There is then the big red button which one clicks on to apply.

McDonald’s does not monitor how many applications you make; however, you should only make applications you can attend. There is then a ‘Promotion Code’ section, if you do not have one don’t worry they are usually given in store and for higher positions; although they are sometimes in the job promotion flyers.

The final screen is where you will have to input your details, experiences and qualifications. The application process is very streamlined and easy to use. Once you have answered all their questions you can click submit and then you have applied to McDonald’s!

Further Application Details

Management positions at McDonald’s will have some additional questions and you will probably have to upload your professional CV. If you haven’t got a CV then they are very easy to write, there are tools online or templates which you can edit to include your details. Generally your CV is a quick guide to your qualifications and previous employment history. It is also important to include your contact information such as address, phone and email – many people forget so you shouldn’t!


Perks at McDonald’s

Those who join at the bottom are entitled to a range of employment benefits. These include flexible working hours, meal discounts (available for part-time employees too), for full time they get McCrew Medical Insurance, further education opportunities and great promotion prospects. And of course you get your wage but you get the opportunity to join a fast paced and growing family of employees within a structure that values you and gives you many options to rise through the ranks.

Higher level employees enjoy paid holiday days, free meals, further health insurances such as disability, the opportunity to own McDonald’s stock. Moreover, the out of hours help from McResource gets you help in legal matters, child care, education and much more. You can see the value McDonald’s puts on its employees first.

Due to McDonald’s world wide reach if you want to travel or are thinking of moving then you may be able to. They have several locations in most cities across the United States and so you don’t have to worry about job changes even when you change locations.


Handy Knowledge about McDonald’s

When you are interviewed it is best to have some knowledge about the company as a whole. Although the below is not a definitive factual guide it does contain some of the more required knowledge.

McDonald’s opened in 1940 with Mac and Dick McDonald, two brothers who opened a drive-in in San Bernadino, CA. In 1948 they streamlined their menu and introduced their world famous french fries.

In 1954 Ray Kroc, a travelling salesman, brought up the idea of franchising with the two brothers. They agreed and he opened one in Des Plaines, IL. They continued to create more and more locations across the US, now with the same menu for each outlet. He also wanted to have a standardized training procedure and so the Hamburger University was born.

In 1965 they became a public company and from there on in have never looked back. They, over the next few years, added famous items to the menu such as the Happy Meal in 1979.

You can see their ability to adapt to a changing market and keep growing, thus your employment is safe in their hands.

Clearly there are also thousands of security jobs associated with asset protection at Mac Donald stores worldwide.

What would be useful for those specifically interested in a security job is to obtain training first with Advance SIA Training.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I’d love to work at Mac donalds, but here are my questions:
    1. Have they been sued over their food?
    2. Have they ever been sued by employees?
    3. What are the legal details of any cases, if there was litigation against the company?

    Yes I know they are in many countries and are a reliable brand with very little cases reported that I could find, but it’s worth checking because sometimes when people sue big companies, the details of the lawsuit is kept quiet, and this is why I’m asking on a forum if anyone know of other relevant information an employee should consider?

    Thank you!