Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Application

Career at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney:

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is always hiring new employees in their company. There are various vacancies in the company ranging from administrative assistant to customer service representative.  In order to be eligible to start a career in Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, you need to be at least 18 years of age backed by a willingness to work and grow in the finance sector. If you are a student or a fresher, the company provides internships programs for such individuals to mould their professional knowledge as per the industry demands. Also, such internship program enables a college student to pay for their education expenses while gaining some valuable experiences. Even an experienced professional in the field of finance can start his career for the job opening of a financial advisor, which generally requires some relevant experience and education.

Apart from receiving the competitive pay as per the industry standard, employees of the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney are also entitled to various perquisites’ and benefits’ like healthcare coverage, salary options, paid vacation, retirement plan and various other benefits. Good Performance by an employee in the company is highly rewarded in the form of career growth, advancement potential, further training and a better pay scale.

Background about the company:

Being headquartered in New York City, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is a company known for its financial and insurance services. Some of its popular financial products include trust funds, investment banking, education planning, managed accounting and retirement planning. In 2009, Morgan Stanley has merged with Smith Barney Shearson to claim as one of the finest banking company in the United States. Thus, their reported average annual turnover comes to around $500 million employing about 18,000 workers.  They are well aware about their competitors providing similar services like JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Hours of Operation:  Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5:00pm. They are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

How to Apply:

You can apply online to give your career a head-start in Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Initially, you need to login to the official website and complete the job application form. Ranging from fresher to experienced or for part timework to full time work, the company have job opening for all of its applicants. However, while filing the form, the applicant should ensure to include all the relevant and correct information about their education, skills and any work experience in the past.  Thus, this is to done to provide the company with the full information about its employees.

Next, after reviewing the job application, the company may call an applicant for the second round of selection which is interview. You need to provide your best try in order to crack the interview. In order to do this, you need to be prepared with the answers of the most commonly asked interview questions. Some of them are as follows:

  • Why did you choose this career path?
  • What did you apply for this particular job opening?
  • What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
  • What motivates you?

It is necessary to be clear, concise and direct while answering. On the day of interview, be punctual while dressing yourself professionally. You need to have an enthusiastic, confident as well as calm approach while tacking all the questions during the hiring process. Always end your interview by thanking the hiring manager. Wish you all the luck.

Recent Job Openings:

Branch Manager, Tax Manager, Cash Equity Trade Support, Global Project Manager, Financial Advisor, Business Management Analyst, RFP Writer, Editor/Translator, Human Resources Generalist, Tax Associate, Intern, Credit Policy Professional, Accountant, Equity Analyst, Client Service Associate, Operations Specialist, Service Associate, Liquidity Sales Agent, Sales Associate, Risk Monitoring Associate, Service Professional, Customer Service Representative, Trust Officer, Office Associate, Administrative Assistant, Model Review Associate and Business Analyst.

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