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nike-applicationApplying to work at Nike

Main facts about the company

Nike was initially founded by Phil Knight, who along with Bill Bowerman a track coach aimed to create better footwear for athletes. The company originally was named Blue Ribbon, however, in 1971 took on the Nike name. The name would start off by representing the Greek Goddess of victory and by the turn of a century start taking on endorsements from prominent sporting legends, from all different genres. Michael Jordan and John McEnroe are just a few names that allowed the Nike brand to a household name.

The brand and its famous swoosh sign is a global success story, and the brand can be found all over the world. Nike makes an astonishing $20 billion a year and employees tens of thousands of employees around the globe.

Globally there are over 700 shops and more shops continue to be added, hence, numerous job opportunities available and at all different levels.

Is there a minimum age limit when applying for a job at Nike?

16 is the minimum age limit

Store Opening Times:

Typically stores are opened at the following times:

Monday – Saturday:         10:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday:                               10:00am – 6:00pm

What types of positions are available with Nike?

There are various positions available at Nike, as they recruit for entry to corporate management level vacancies. Their most popular positions are: Sales Associate, Specialist, Department Manager, Store Lead, Store Manager, Supervisor, District Loss Prevention Manager, Material Handler, Warehouse Associate, Lift Operator, Director of Sales & Operations, Distribution Center Area Manager, Business Analyst

How to apply at Nike:

Visit the official Nike career website and check out new vacancies. Applications are sent through their recruiting system.

How much does Nike pay their staff?

Nike recruits for both part-time and full-time positions. Any applicant that meets the minimum age limit can apply for a job at Nike and provided that you are a driven and committed applicant they want you to apply. Below are examples of job roles and pay that Nike offers (in U.S. Dollar):

Sales Associate:

The Role of the Sales Associate is to provide customer support service within Nike stores. They also play a supportive role to the daily running of stores e.g. cleaning and managing inventory. Generally, Sales Associates earn approximately $8.00 an hour.

Assistant Store Manager:

As an Assistant Store Manager at Nike, your role is to support the Store Manager to manage associates and the store. You also are integral to driving sales within the store. Assistant Store Managers expect to earn between $30,000 and $70,000 per year.

Store Manager:

The Store Manager is expected to run the Nike stores. In order to be successful at this, they will recruit, coach and guide any new hires. They are also responsible for executing any strategies directed at sales. Their pay rate is typically between $40,000 and $80,000 yearly.

Visual Manager:

The Visual Manager is the person that is responsible for the visual aspect of Nike stores. The consumer is directly impacted, as they will need to be drawn into the stores provided that it is visually appealing. The pay gap between visual managers is the greatest, as it depends on  store location, size and experience. A Nike Visual Manager can earn anywhere between $28,000 and $70,000 yearly.

 There are also numerous jobs that need to be filled that is outside of the retail store aspect, for example; at distribution centres and their corporate headquarters.

The benefits for working for Nike

All training at Nike is paid for and the majority of their in store roles have flexible schedules. Nike is supportive in your career growth within the company and offers a very competitive pay scale for both their part-time and full-time employees. For eligible employees, there are health benefits that include medical, dental and life. Nike also allows employees to opt into a 401(k), profit sharing and/or stock options. Nike also offers paid time off, which includes holidays, vacations and sick leave. Another great benefit is a discount off the full retail price of their products. All Nike employees get 50% off merchandise and discounts off home and auto insurance, adoption assistance and tuition reimbursement.

The hiring and interview process

If you are lucky enough to be shortlisted for a role at Nike, it is important that you also be prepared for the interview process. There can be a minimum of one to five interviews with Nike depending on the job level. Typically, there is one phone interview that lasts approximately 30 minutes, followed by a one on one interview. Recruiters will want those applicants who love sports, sporting activities or anything to do with their brand. So, it is essentially that you also prepare and read-up on Nike and its brand and what they represent as a company.

Unless told otherwise, ensure that you dress appropriately for the interview i.e. office casual. Try not to be nervous and remember that the person interviewing you also had to interview at one stage in their life prior to you. The more relaxed you are, the calmer you will be and be able to listen and articulate suitable answers that will impress the interviewer. Ensure that within face to face interviews that you maintain eye contact with all parties. Try to show your passion when discussing anything sporting related, for your own personal, without coming across as arrogant or boastful.


Always remember to follow-up on any interview you have with Nike, whether that be your initial phone interview or separate interviews that you may have. There is a thin line between being too eager and indifferent. It is recommended that you make contact with the store or office that is in charge of your recruitment process, expressing your thanks for the time and effort taken in meeting with you, whilst following up on your hiring level.

The below is a sample of interview questions that Nike can use:

  • Have you ever worn or owned a pair of Nike shoes?
  • What sporting brands do you prefer?
  • Are you familiar with any of the merchandise that we sell?
  • How would you deal with a customer that has just been told that their shoe is out of stock?

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