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nordstrom application for jobsNordstrom is an upscale American fashion store, which originally started just selling shoes in 1901. The store now sells clothing, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry and some stores stock furnishings and wedding garments. There are over 237 stores spread across 31 states and they also hold an online presence. Nordstrom is headquartered in Seattle. If retail is your passion, Nordstrom is a great place to begin or progress in your retail career.

Typical Jobs at Nordstrom:

Jobs can vary depending on location and type of job role. If you are considering working in one of the many stores, Nordstrom hires many sales associates, cashiers, merchandising and loss prevention staff. At the Head Office, jobs vary between accounting, purchasing, software development and even customer service roles. No matter what role you are qualified for, you should be able to find a role that suits your experience and skills at Nordstrom.

What is the minimum age that Nordstrom will accept for work?

Nordstrom has stated that they will follow state and federal laws when it comes to the hiring of minors and the hours that they are permitted to work. This does not mean that they will not accept any applications from minors, all should apply. However, just note that not all advertised positions can be filled by a minor due to state and federal laws.

Typical Store Opening hours at Nordstrom:

This can vary from location to location. However, typical store opening hours are below. Consider this when you applying for a role. It is important that you are aware of the times that Nordstrom may require you to work.

Monday to Saturday:      9:00am to 9:00pm

Sunday:                               11:00am – 7:00pm

Some important information for applying online at Nordstrom

As you can imagine, Nordstrom receives thousands of applications on a weekly basis and because of this it is important that you find a way to make your application stand out from the crowd. If you want to get noticed and hired by your local store, why not go in person and request to speak to the hiring manager. Although, officially you will still need to apply online, you are instantly making a first impression on the person that has the role of filtering through the thousands of applications. Making a lasting impression is always good. The hiring manager will definitely seek your name out for any shortlists he or she may have.

For jobs at the head office, of course going there in person is not feasible. However, you can make your application standout in other ways. Try not to rush your application, as doing so may mean that you do not answer key questions appropriately and you can miss marks if your grammar and spelling is atrocious. I know you may be thinking that this is just common sense – but no! You would be very surprised how easily it is to submit an application that contains numerous grammar and spelling mistakes. It is one of the pet peeves for recruiters and even if you have stellar experiences and skill sets required for the position, recruiters will instantly say no before looking further into your application. If you take your time to check your application, it shows the recruiter on the other end that you will apply the same effort in your day to day work.

Ensuring that you research Nordstrom is always advisable. The more familiar you are with the company, the brand, and their history etc. the more comfortable you will be at tailor-making your application to fit these ideals.  You can get a lot of useful information on Nordstrom’s website and allow the recruiter to see that you have taken that extra step, by reflecting any research in your answers.

What type of positions do Nordstrom hire for?

The most common positions that Nordstrom are always hiring for are the below:


As a Salesperson you are expected to act as the brands ambassador. You will need to be friendly and approachable, as you generally welcome customers as they enter the store and will offer them assistance. You will direct or advise customers and be knowledgeable on the products in store and any sales that you feel the customer may benefit from. Nordstrom generally pays $10 per hour for this position.


Customer Service Associate:

The Customer Service Associate will develop and maintain a relationship with the customers that shop at Nordstrom stores. They will respond to all customer inquiries and improve the overall quality of service offered to Nordstrom customers. Nordstrom generally pays $12 an hour for this position.


Assistant Department Manager:

The Assistant Department Manager will as support the Department Manager with their role of running and overseeing the department. Both a Salesperson and Customer Service Associate can reach out to  their Assistant Department Manager should they have any problems with a customer and/or store item. Nordstrom typically pays $14 per hour for this role.


Beauty Advisor:

The beauty business is a multi-billion dollar business. Most Nordstrom customers will spend on beauty products. Nordstrom is known for their quality beauty products and advisors. As a beauty advisor your role will be to help the customer find a beauty product within your department that will accentuate and be care for their beauty needs. Nordstrom usually hires at $15 per hour for this role.



The Buyer will ultimately make the decision to purchase an item based on their own experience and advice of their advisors. They seek out new trends and products that should be featured within Nordstrom stores.  Their role is extremely important to Nordstrom as their advice ultimately affects what the customer sees and is available to purchase in stores or online. Nordstrom will want their customers to keep returning  to their and not a competitors for any of the items they stock. Buyers usually receive $60,000 per year for their services.

As you will notice, even their most popular positions are priced very competitively to the marketplace.


Nordstrom has a range of benefits for their employees that include health (dental, medical), income protection and savings (retirement and savings benefits). They also offer their employees paid leave to ensure that there is a great work and personal life benefit.

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