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Application Form and Tips for OfficeMax

OfficeMax have been supplying office supplies since 1931, then under the name of Boise Cascade Corporation. However, since 2004 they have stopped manufacturing goods for the office and specialize as an independent supplier of office products. Notably, their customers stretch far and wide, from governmental agencies, retail customers to large and small businesses. OfficeMax rivals other office supply stores and is one of the top three office supply stores within the world. Their customers can buy their supplies at over 900 retail or online stores spread worldwide. OfficeMax prides them as being a global company that has local tendencies, so you may find that within the country that they are in, instead of shipping products in from all over the world, they will make sure that they use their local manufacturers as much as they can.

Currently, OfficeMax has its headquarters in Naperville, Illinois. However, it was recently announced after a merger with Office Depot that this would change to Boca Raton, Florida.

Working for OfficeMax

OfficeMax employees are extremely approachable and knowledgeable when it comes to office supplies. They foster a fun and energetic work environment. They also have four key principles that they promote their culture by:

B Happy

B Memorable

B Positive

B Present

If you love helping people and you live, breathe and drink customer service, this is definitely the company for you. Your day-to-day role will be working with people; therefore, it is imperative that you have excellent customer service skills and you enjoy helping people for you to even consider applying for a job at OfficeMax.

How to apply

You can apply for a job at OfficeMax either online or in-store. There are of course benefits in using both. When you are in person you can also make a good impression and it allows the recruiter to put a face to a name. You can also imitate the friendly demeanor of staff to stand out more.

Alternatively, applying online allows the candidate to be as truthful or error free as possible.  There are also other ways to get your application noticed. As you will be typing your answers, there is always more room to manoeuvre and add more personable details to definitely catch the recruiter’s attention. Online, you are expected to create an account with username and password. Like most online applications you have a choice to attach your resume. The system will automatically read it and populate your answers as much as possible. This is definitely a time-saver.

Either way, online or in-store expect to spend 40-50 minutes on the application for. Be sure to be clear and thoughtful and remember their four key principles.

What is the minimum age of employment?

OfficeMax will accept applications from anyone that they can prove they are 16 or older. OfficeMax will accept any identification that includes a picture of the candidate and birthdate. Passports or State IDs are good documents to use for this purpose. In the event, that your document of identification falls outside of a Passport or State ID, it is best if you check your local store for more details.

 What hours are you expected to work?

Generally, OfficeMax has the below normal business opening hours:

Monday to Friday:            8:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday:                              9:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday:                                 1:00pm – 6:00pm

Please note that opening and closing times may vary should it be a national holiday or day of observance.

Carving a career at OfficeMax:

Anyone is allowed to apply for a role at OfficeMax regardless of your gender, age, ethnicity or disability. OfficeMax is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications at are both entry level to management level positions. The below will highlight a few tidbits for those wanting to start at either level at OfficeMax:

  • Entry Level Careers

Entry Level careers consist of Retail Store Associates, Sales Associates, and Cashier Services etc. These positions are open to anyone who has little to no experience within this area of expertise and a successful candidate can be placed in any of the many departments that houses office supplies at OfficeMax; for example – furnishing, technology or copy. You will be expected to earn a minimum wage if you have no experience working in this type of role. Those that have worked for similar companies or roles are more likely to demand a higher wage than the minimum.

  • Management Level Careers

There are different levels of management within OfficeMax stores, and provided that you have  had some experience in a managerial role, you will be a good fit for these roles. OfficeMax recruit for Department Supervisors, Assistant Managers, Store Managers, and Accounting Executives. OfficeMax also has a developmental management program for would-be candidates. Managers at OfficeMax are paid a salary wage and their minimum to maximum amounts varies,    depending on experience.

 Tips for applying online:

Be sure that you are familiar with your submitted application form, as hiring managers will refer to this frequently throughout the interviewing process. Not only that, it is expected that at the interview phase you represent OfficeMax fully and can articulate clearly what is it that you can bring to the table with your skills and/or experiences. Try not to be shy or overly boastful and remember to show the hiring manager how approachable and friendly that you can be. It is advisable that you read up on the company. Check out any of OfficeMax’s websites so you can be somewhat familiar with the types of supplies they sell as well as pertinent information about the company. The “about us” section within any website should assist greatly. Being as prepared as possible shows the hiring manager that you are serious about working for the company and will take your job just as seriously.

What benefits can you expect?

Congratulations if you have got this far to be considering your benefits. As a full-time employee you can expect Healthcare, Flexible Spending accounts, Disability benefits, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Saving Plans. This rivals many other retailers within this field. Not to mention, OfficeMax also provides further coverage for Life and Accident Insurance.

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