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Working at Prudential Financial

prudential-financial-applicationThe Prudential Friendly Society, Prudential Financial Inc. was founded in 1875 by John Fairfield Dryden. They operate as a financial services business specializing in life insurance, annuities, and investment management services to clients. They are headquartered in Newark, NJ and have 39,000 plus employees throughout the world with average annual revenue of over $34billion.


If you see yourself in a financial job or would like to change to a more rewarding career, Prudential Financial is a great company to work for. They are an industry leader and they have numerous part-time and full-time vacancies available. You do not always need to have financial industry experience to apply to work at Prudential Finance.  There are both positions for entry and management level staff.


How old do you have to be to work for Prudential Finance?

At least 18 years of age


What are their business opening and closing times?

Prudential Finance operates twenty four hours a day, seven days a week


I have no financial experience, how can I apply to work at Prudential Finance?

Just like any other position at Prudential Finance, you can always apply online. Do not let your lack of experience dissuade you from applying for a position at Prudential Finance, as once you do get onboard you can have a really long and successful career there. Those with little or no financial experience can apply as one of three ways:


  • Entry Level Associates:

These positions are either customer focused or administrative in nature. You may be tasked with answering telephones, performing data entry or completing as assigned work. Entry level positions are a great way to learn about the business.


  • Internships

These are programs designed for school students and normally take place during a school break period, usually during summer over twelve weeks. Prudential Finance understands the importance of setting the stage for their new talent, and invests heavily in their internship programs. Many of those who are lucky to be accepted into their internship programs go onto have rewarding careers with Prudential Finance. As an intern it sets the stage and expectations for working at Prudential Finance. The program is rigorous and it has been set this way to separate the weak from the strong. Candidates have opportunities to train, meet with executives and experience what working full-time at Prudential Finance is like. It is a great platform that exposes good candidates to senior executives.


  • Graduate Positions

Prudential Finance’s Accelerated Development Program targets new graduates or past Interns a fast way to become tomorrow’s leaders. You are placed in a rotation system, in which you will learn about different business sectors throughout you program. You will spend some time in each department learning the job and core management skills that you should be able to put to use by the end of the program. You essentially will be fast-tracked into a management position. Competition is fairly high for this program.



Non entry level positions

These positions will usually require that candidates not only have experience but also have completed a four year degree program with some form of financial emphasis. The positions vary greatly and a lot of your success will be dependent on experience. Non entry level positions include brokers, financial advisors or even administrative jobs. Prudential Finance focuses a lot on talent. They will spend a lot of time recruiting the right type of people and making sure that they also retain this talent within the company. This is why many employees end up staying with Prudential Finance once they have been recruited. If you fall into the non-entry level bracket, be sure to show the hiring manager that you are full of ideas and passion and up for any new challenges. The financial industry is forever changing, therefore as a candidate you will need to show them that you keep abreast of the ever changing environment and will be able to also keep up with it.


How do you apply for a position at Prudential Finance?

Whether you are applying for an entry or experience level position, all applications can be found online. For those interested in internship and graduate programs, there is also specific information on application deadlines and/or campus recruiting days.


Interview tips and questions for perspective applicants

The hiring process for entry or experience hires is rigorous. Once you apply for a position, you should know if you have been accepted to the first round of applicants within the first couple of weeks of submitting your application.


Successful applicants should expect to be put through various tests and interviews. Do not waste your or their time if this is an industry that you are not interested in making a career from it. In addition, expect at least, a one on one interview, group interviews, panel interviews and company presentations. This process requires strong and confident applicants that will be able to take direction well and can show potential leadership. If you are lucky to pass any first stage interview requirements, be prepared for further checks on your background, finances, drugs, personality, aptitude and skills tests.


Always review the job that you have applied for and do background research on the skills and competencies needed for the role. Prepare for this interview appropriately and consider what your answers may be to the below questions?


– Tell me a little about yourself?

– What are your career aspirations? Where do you see yourself in five year’s time?

– What are your strengths and weaknesses?

– How does your previous work history relate to this role?


Be positive and make sure you answer honestly, in a clear and professional manner and most importantly listen to the question being asked. Many applicants at times do not answer the question posed to them. Ensure that you always give eye contact and your demeanor is friendly yet confident.


Benefits for working at Prudential Finance

  • Competitive pay
  • Great health care benefits
  • Access to 401(k)
  • Great training opportunities
  • Amazing job progression

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