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Radio Shack is an American electronic s retailer. They have many franchised stores throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Africa. They have been within the United States for nearly 90 years and they are widely recognized throughout the globe.

All Radio Shack employment opportunities can be found directly on their website. Be sure to check out their website irrespective of if wanting to start working at Radio Shack for a summer job or to start your career with them.

How to apply for a job at Radio Shack

If you are experienced in customer service as well as electronics and computers then applying for a role at Radio Shack may be the perfect opportunity for you. Experience within these areas will definitely set you apart from the many applicants that apply to join their stores. Not saying that those without experience will not be contemplated, as Radio Shack are always willing to train staff up if needs be. However, it does help immensely if candidates do have this type of experience.

Applying Online

Be sure to sell yourself entirely. Not just on your expertise but as a candidate you must be able to show the hiring manager that you will fit perfectly into any Radio Shack store. Follow all instructions perfectly and be prepared for your interview if you are shortlisted. Generally, Radio Shack will interview you only once, unless they have many applicants applying for the same role. In these rare instances, you may be asked to come back to the store which you applied at more than the one time. Either way, one interview or two – make sure that you are ready to talk about your application and how you believe that you can fit into the Radio Shack environment.

What is the minimum age to be employed at Radio Shack?

You have to be at least sixteen years old.

What are Radio Shack store hours?

Typically, Radio Shack’s store hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday:            10:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday:                                9:00am to 7:00pm

Sunday:                                 10:00am to 5:00pm

Be sure to check at the store that you are applying at, as times may be different.

Entry Level careers at Radio Shack

Radio Shack employs those at entry level. Those employed at an entry level position should expect to be customer orientated and helpful. They will be expected to assist customers in store with their purchases and help if needed with items that may be broken. Teamwork is equally as important to ensure that customers can walk into a pleasant and drama free environment. Expect positions to be sales associates, service technicians, product testers or customer service representatives. The majority of any entry level position will pay at least a minimum wage or slightly above if the candidate has some experience. Hard workers can expect regular increases to their wage. 

Management level careers at Radio Shack

In store, Radio Shack also recruits for management level hires. These generally consist of assistant managers or store managers. Assistant Managers can expect to earn at least $20,000 per year and store managers at least $45,000 per year. Both the assistant manager or store managers should be within the store during opening hours. They are team players and will be expected to carry out the same type of work as those without a management position, however, they have the added responsibility to delegate out work, hire new staff, ensure that stores are fully manned at all times – this involves working out a staff scheduled, as well as handling escalations and customer complaints. You can also apply for a District Management position if you have the experience to do so. As a District Manager, you will receive salary. Bonuses are also given based on how well stores do within their designated districts.

Tips for applying online at Radio Shack

Before pressing the submit button online, ensure that you have read all of the questions and answered as accurately and honestly as you can. Emphasis work experience if you have it, especially any customer service or electronic skills. Also check out their online stores, become familiar with the types of products they sell, as well as take in information on their history. This will also aid you in any interviews that you may be shortlisted for. It shows enthusiasm and a willing to learn.

Benefits for working at Radio Shack

There are a number of benefits that you can expect if you are successful in your application and hired. For those hires that are entry level, expect a competitive salary that will be reflective of your experience. In the event that you do start off on minimum wage do not fret, as there are many ways to increase your salary. Hard workers are compensated. Other benefits include; paid time off, dental, medical, vision, and life. You can also opt in for dental and disability insurance with a flexible spending account. Those that are eligible also have access to Radio Shack’s 401(k).

Useful Information about Radio Shack


See the above write-up on entry and management level positions


Within the corporate arena there are many jobs available for prospective applicants. Most corporate roles are situated within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Opportunities are available in many of the categories below:

  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Business/Strategic Development
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Dealer Franchise
  • Human Resources
  • Information Systems
  • Inside Sales
  • Legal
  • Loss Prevention
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Real Estate
  • Regulatory/Compliance
  • Security
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Technical
  • Other


The distribution and manufacturing arms of Radio Shack is equally as important as their in store roles. Without time manufacturing and distribution, their retail outlets would not be as successful. There are four distribution centers within the United States. Combined they produce more than 3,000,000 order per year. Their manufacturing centers are located within Northern America and they package more than 3 million items every month!


Job Fairs:

Every now and again Radio Shack will have job fairs. Check out the job fair ( page on their website for updated times and dates.

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