Pro Suite: An advanced sales and marketing course for top earners

In a consumption driven western world where the middle-class will finally have their boom, there will be no other career as good as a sales career. In every profession you will find benchmark skills and qualifications that will set profesisonals apart from average performers.

The Sales and Marketing PRO suite from Globalcademy includes four distinct courses that are well worth your attention:

  1. The Fundamentals of successful selling
  2. Sales Psychology and Neuroscience of selling (Advanced modules)
  3. Coaching skills for sales professionals (To grow and manage teams)
  4. Successful PR (How to get the media on your side and boost your reputation)

It is true that if you were to study these four subjects in-depth at college or university, that it may take more than a year. Now you can do it online in the convenience of your own home, in one weekend!

What exactly is covered in the Sales & Marketing PRO suite that makes it such a popular course?


Getting started with Sales: The fundamentals
SA 1 – Course introduction and the 5 types of sales styles FREE 00:08:00
SA 2 – Sales and its purpose for your company 00:06:00
Sales Cycles and Funnels – What you need to know
SA 3 – Managing the stages of the sales cycle 00:09:00
SA 4 – The sales funnel – definition, examples and innovative use 00:08:00
The Sales Professional – Being fully prepared for the role
SA 5 – First impressions – the starting point of successful sales 00:10:00
SA 6 – Preparation: crafting your sales presentation and knowing your customers 00:13:00
SA 10 – Prospecting: how it works and why it is essential 00:05:00
SA 11 – Prospecting methods and tips – innovative ways of getting more clients 00:09:00
SA 12 – Networking: the backbone of great sales 00:08:00
SA 13 – The art of maintaining long term customers through relationship marketing 00:05:00
Asking Powerful Sales Questions: Soliciting the right feedback
SA 14 – Why questions can be so powerful in closing a sale 00:07:00
SA 15 – Tips and examples in asking relevant and appropriate questions 00:07:00
Sales Psychology and the Neuroscience of Sales
Meet your instructors, thanks for joining us FREE 00:04:00
The 3 Stage Selling Model 00:10:00
Connecting with customers 00:10:00
Establishing credibility 00:08:00
Balancing professional and personal trust 00:10:00
Advanced tactical sales, Reverse psychology and options
Ebook on the psychology of trust 00:15:00
Disqualifying your customer: The power of reverse psychology FREE 00:05:00
BATNA: Why you should enter negotiations with stronger BATNA 00:05:00
Replacing fear with genuine, credible reasons to buy 00:08:00
Extending the customers’ vision: Refocus them towards a long term vision 00:09:00
Not a good fit: Surprise your customer with that which they least expect 00:09:00
The law of scarcity: What we can learn from luxury brands 00:10:00
Analysis paralysis: Winning strategies against buyer indecision 00:08:00
Managing the after sales cycle, long term repuation and buyers’ remorse
Lessons in reputation management 00:10:00
Buyers’ remorse: How to identify and resolve it swiftly 00:07:00
Sales Manager and Marketing Agency’s secret weapon: Coaching and empowerment
Introduction to Coaching FREE 00:06:00
The importance of Coaching – what a coaching culture brings to us FREE 00:10:00
The benefits of coaching: Things you did not know you can achieve! 00:10:00
Growth questions about Coaching – Dealing with valid concerns 00:10:00
Creatin the optimal environment for effective coaching
The Optimal Environment 00:08:00
Building trust 00:07:00
Confidentiality during and after coaching 00:08:00
Time management – making time for coaching 00:09:00
The Facilitative approach – become a facilitator 00:09:00
Coaching the Whole Person 00:11:00
Organizational ownership – Empower individual team members with ownership
What is Ownership? Defining the concept 00:08:00
Company benefits from ownership 00:10:00
The power of choices – using choice architecture 00:09:00
Ownership encourages growth 00:07:00
Coaching Skills: The 4-E model ®
Enquire 00:12:00
Engage 00:08:00
Empathize 00:10:00
Encourage 00:09:00
Conclusion and reflection – debrief 00:10:00
Reflective learning log 00:00:00
A Marketing Agency’s guide to press releases: Free TV, online and media coverage
Introduction to successful press releases and course overview FREE 00:05:00
What is a press release? Lets get to the bottom of it 00:06:00
The purpose of a press release – a lot more than most people think 00:06:00
Target audience of press releases – discovering and engaging ideal audiences 00:04:00
How press releases can be used as an effective marketing tool 00:08:00
Knowing your product – differentiating through product knowledge 00:06:00
The power of team engagement and brainstorming 00:04:00
How to get your press releases accepted and published with high success rates 00:09:00
How to use press releases that grow your company 00:08:00
Things you should always do as part of the process 00:06:00
Things to avoid – never do things with press releases 00:04:00
Practical press release tips from the Guru’s mouth
Research: It all starts with good accurate research. Here is how! 00:05:00
Write like a pro – Professional tips from a writing guru 00:08:00
Capitalize on SEO benefits – but be careful 00:06:00
Timing press releases – how to get it right 00:08:00
Creating and keeping contact – rapid network expansion 00:07:00
Absolute killer insider tips: Using LinkedIn to connect with journalists 00:08:00
Switch the game around: Become a journalists ally 00:07:00
Conclusion: So what have we learned – and how will it change our business? 00:09:00
E-book and PDF notes 00:00:00

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