Download subway surfers for PC windows, 78xp android for free

So you are studying multi media, animations, flash and a bit of web developement, and would like to see a class example of what can be achieved if all of these skills are combined with a bit of innovation? You heard about Subway surfers – but have never tried it because you are on PC or Mac? Here we will teach you HOW TO download the latest subway surfer version to use with PC/Windows:

Then keep reading on how to DOWNLOAD SUBWAY SURFERS FOR PC today:

Although this is an Android game – there are thousands of users who prefer to play Subway Surfers on their home PC, using a Windows operating system. Users will be pleased to know that it provides for an amazing gaming experience using either tablet or PC.

subway surfers download for PC

In order to achieve this, you’d have to jump through a few hoops – but really, within 8 to 10 minutes, the game could be saved to a PC and available whenever required. In the following section we will explain in 5 steps how this can be achieved:

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use the android emulator:

1. Download Blustacks Android Emulator from this link

2. Now Install the package to your PC

3. Next we will need the .Apk file from here

4. The .Apk file will display on the screen – just visit the link

5. The entire game is now available on screen, you don’t need an Android anymore.

So these easy steps could help you play a 3rd generation game in no time.

Now if for any reason the above method fails to download subway surfers on your PC – then we’d need to investigate another way of getting this 78XP game onto Windows.

On the web, there are several guidelines on how this can be achieved – but we’d recommend that you first try the way we’ve outlined.

4 Reasons why this game could be for you:

1. The design methodology of Subway surfers is awesome and helps learners to envisage endless possibilities to innovate

2. The usability experience is thoughtfully presented

3. The animations are up to date

4. It has great sound tracks to accompany the graphics.

Download your very own Subway surfers for PC today and let us have your feedback.


Subway surfers overview:

The game’s purpose is for players to reach many countries, such as Australia, Brazil, Africa through an endless setting where obstacles have to be avoided in order to stay in the game. It has several special versions which were released with more updates to follow soon. Download it today, it’s pretty cool.


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