Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with over 1 billion users. It the the destination for anybody that wants to find an old school mate. Some of us who graduated from high school and college have lost contact with certain friends. The only way to reconnect with them is through the net. But the question is what platform out there is the best to help us find our old friends? The answer is Facebook.


The best social network

Facebook: the biggest social network ever

Facebook is not just a social network to find old friends, it allows users to keep in touch with their buddies anytime anywhere. It is the platform where students can share important events like birthday parties or even graduation. The social giant offers unlimited space for fans to upload pictures and videos. The social site is also the platform where you can play games with friends, interact via apps, basically have what some people refer to as an online second life.

The Facebook’s app allows users to even send messages via their phone no matter where in the world they find themselves. Facebook is the site a student can’t avoid when browsing.

5 Things you should know about Facebook:

1. Reach: It has a monthly user reach currently in excess of 160 Million. That is only a tiny percentage of the world population, hence this statistic could grow unless another social network outsmarts it.

2. Privacy: That whilst it is an amazing tool, it does not mean that your privacy can be taken for granted. For example, recent NSA information and other sources are convinced that governments actively work with Facebook to access information about our whereabouts. Remember a film called “the adjustment buraux? This is kind of how many people imagine Facebook.

3. Developer tools: It has a range of developer tools which will enable easy integration with most web applications, thus accessing the developer tool area can provide useful insight as to what we can do with Facebook to make websites more innovative.

4. Linking to Facebook: The Position of Facebook is excessively strong given the votes it has from other sites on the web – whenever someone embeds a Facebook like button, that creates another strong vote.

5. Google Plus: Google is rapidly attempting to catch up with Facebook via the introduction of Google+ This has only been successful in terms of site owners, but not yet in terms of the accepted norms for social interaction.

Facebook share prices have hit a historic high around September 11, 2013 – and may continue to do so as long as it is marching ahead and the global population grows.

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