Hdm.am is a website created by an Armenian company. Hdm.am proposes to study trades and services in order to design a system that is even more efficient and serves the public interest and the growing student population in general. For that purpose the company has created a committee whose focus is to turn the project into a reality. It is a platform created to enable the business owners, the tax authorities and the consumer operate in an environment where they are free and independent of each other.


Armenia site for taxes

Hdm.am: an organization that help Armenia get better

The main goal of hdm.am is to create a dignified prosperous life for the future generation of students by creating a coupon system that the business entrepreneur can rely on to create some sort of tax incentive for the consumer. The company also wants to participate in the creation of some sort of social entrepreneurship where corporations are going to support young students of the Republic of Armenia to take advantage of the net to generate some income

Hdm.am wants to create a world where the young generation will not have to queue up in the European or American embassies in hope to get a visa to gooutside Armenia for the sake of getting a better job in the western world. The organization believes in the Republic of Armenia and is willing to help things get better.

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