is a website that targets the Turkish audience. The domain is used as a news platform for the event that is taking part in Turkey and also in other parts of the world. The site is also used to promote other blogs that feature in the same field as the domain. focuses on different fields and categories. The site is also used as a marketing agency for other publishers who are targeting Turkish users. Every day the site offers new updates in the world of sports, politics and entertainment. Football fans can also check out match fixtures which are highlighted on the sports forum on the site. This makes it easy for users to shop for other products as they keep themselves up to date with the latest events which are about to take place;


Feature of can be accessed from anywhere around the world and all you need is a computer, which is internet enabled. Apart from sports and other developing stories in the world of politics, you can as well entertain yourself with dozens of music from popular artist and local artist. As mentioned earlier, the site is also used as a marketing field for other packages such as fashion, technology and other featured products. The site also promotes e-books and magazines, which is of great benefit for publishers and customers. Below are other features available at;

  • The site has a sign up forum where you can register and become part of the team. This also comes with a number of advantages such as email notification and other subscriptions.
  • Since the site focuses on so many fields, has put in place a search forum where you can search for anything you wish to find on the site.
  • Publishers and other business vendors can also benefit from the site, as the domain offers a marketing platform where clients can post their ads.
  • The site also has a magazine forum, where you can find your favorite magazines and other journals.

The future of is where you can find anything you need under one single domain. The only limitation is that the site is drafted in Turkish language, which makes it difficult for other users who are not from the Turkish origin.

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