is the reference website for Vietnamese who want to get updated about the latest news around the world. You can see it as the “Yahoo” of Vietnam. gives students an account that they can rely on to keep in touch with each other. It is a platform where you can play games, find out the latest fashion trends and gossips as well as the gadgets that are currently making wave.
Online account website an online service for young people

The social life of a person in Vietnam is incomplete if that person does not have an account with The website scans through the whole world and find information related to finance, market, sport, life, legislation, entertaining, music, movies, technology and cars. Vietnamese around the world make sure to always browse through that site to know what is really going on in their country. does not only offer useful information from Vietnam, it takes into account what is happening in US, UK and Canada. Stories about all the superstars in music and movies can be found there. The weather forecast for the country is not left out. is simply the online TV for those who want to know what’s up in Vietnam.

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