Most torrent websites offer downloads for movies, softwares and games in English. It is quite difficult to get one that offers something that is is of a different language. is there to fill that gap. It is the torrent site for those who are looking for downloads in French. It has all kinds of videos, including the adult type. For those looking for softwares and documentaries in French. This is the place to head to.
French Torrent Site the torrent site for french people

Most French Students enjoy sharing their files on There you can find many DVD rips of high quality video. Games are not left out and there are 100s of them available to download. If you are looking for the latest TV series from France, the site can offer you a lot. understands that there are copyright laws that regulates the way people can share files online. That is why the site makes sure to sanitize the type of files shared on its pages to avoid any situation where they could be infringing the law. This implies that the platform is reliable and we are never going to see a situation where the FBI attacks it and shuts it down.

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