The International Site of Abundance

Pixnet.net is an international Chinese site offering creative picture album services along with many other social features. Pixnet.net was created in the country of Taiwan by the company Net-Chinese Co., ltd. The site receives an 82.8% rank in countries such as Taiwan. Many international sites being linked to pixnet.net include Google, Facebook and YouTube. The audience demographics based on gender include male and female but female visitors are more in quantity. The education demographics range from no college, some college, and graduate college with some college students being the highest in visitors.

In addition to the site’s picture album features, the pixnet.net also includes blogs about entertainment, tourism, gourmet, family and many topics that are more interesting. The site also allows viewers to stay posted on the latest social events such as celebrities and fashion. In a business aspect, the site allows for user to advertise on the site as well as providing an excellent platform for service with community marketing. The community marketing aspect of the site includes performing arts and entertainment, sports, movies, beauty, art and travel.



The site features an important FAQ service, which is called station square service. This is shown to members that can immediately find relevant answers to questions that many other members have inquired about as well. The site has easy registration options such as registering through Facebook or simply completing a few steps of registration through the site. Registration to the site allows visitors to become members and access all essentials that the site has to offer.

Along with the sites features for members and visitors, the site also has ample amount of employment opportunities to people that want to help expand the many aptitude services given to members. Many job opportunities range from program development engineer, UI designer, administrative assistant and many more. The pixnet.net site has much to offer to any visitor whether they are seeking a search engine, blogs to read or simply trying to stay in sync with the latest celebrity news. Although the pixnet.net site was developed from the country of Taiwan, the creators made the site translatable for many around the world to seek usage.

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