The internet is a place where people are able to interact with one another no matter where in the globe they happen to be. It is also a destination where users can reconnect with their culture when far away in another country. is a typical example of website where Arab music lovers can listen to their favorite songs.
Middle East music 24/7 where arabs listen to music is like the Youtube of Arab people. The website streams music from the Middle East 24/7. Arabs finally have an online platform where they can enjoy their own music. Arab Students who travel to the US for a masters or PhD program can still reconnect with their culture even when far away.

With sites like, anybody that loves music from the Middle East can upload a song and share it online. This allow other users to find songs that they wouldn’t have found on other online networks like youtube which is dominated by English speaking people. is a website designed by Arabs for Arabs and it received thousands of daily visits from people around the world. Thanks to the Internet, Arab music will never die and those who love the style will keep listening to it no matter where they are.

4 Reasons why Streamarabia could be for you:

1. It has free options and the pay options are quite affordable;

2. A new way to explore popular Arabic music;

3. An amazing site design which is easy to use;

4. It has a good reputation and is clean of any malware.

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