The Australian National University: a place of intensive research

The Australian National University (ANU) is home to an interconnected community of scholars where much of Australian Thinkers and experts come together to learn. ANU shares its knowledge to the world to bring about an enhancement in the lives of the people. The university has been recognized as a place where researchers will be provided with all the tool they need to run a successful research.

Intensive research
From the very first day the Australian National University has been a place where intensive research takes place. The central focus of the university is research. The educational experience on campus and the contribution the university makes to the country are all influenced by research. Researchers working in the institution try to stay among the best in their fields of study and that is possible only by thinking outside the box when tackling fundamental issues that the world needs to deal with.

In 2010 ANU was in the list of top Universities based on the report for Excellence in Research for Australia. Each year the establishment invests 80% of its operating budget to activities related to research. More than 80% of the staff working at the university have their PhD.

ANU was purposely created to offer students an educational experience influenced by intensive research. That is why it offers a holistic approach to learning that allows the student not just to sit in the classroom but explore beyond that. Students can interact with some of the best researchers in the country and are given opportunities to develop themselves around Australia.

At ANU, flexibility is the order of the day. With its 7 academic colleges, it provides its students with dozens of undergraduate programs to choose from yet they still have the option to tailor their studies in combination with other degrees and Masters programs.

Because the campus allows and encourages community interactions among scholars, students, irrespective of the level they find themselves in, feel free to interact with active researchers recognized in the fields. The interaction continues in the residential campus because it has been intentionally designed to allow students to socialize with people of the same interest.

ANU’s campus is found in the heart of Canberra which combines the advantages of living in Australia’s capitals city and having spaces for research and meet other like minded people. The university does its best to keep the campus green and constantly works to reduce its impact on the environment.

The campus, referred to as Acton is minutes away from the other Australian national institutions like the nation’s parliament. It was designed with a strong focus on it residential capacity to support the different communities and offers enough option for them to feel at home. There are also smaller specialized campuses available with specialized facilities allowing students to research and do more fieldwork.

The campus can be seen as a suburb of its own. It has its own shops, venues and restaurant, food shops, dining halls and accommodation.

ANU is opened to the world and any student that is will to find himself in an environment where teaching is centered on research is welcome.

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