The university of Wisconsin: a world class establishment

The university of Wisconsin has been nationally and internationally recognized for its incredible students, academic excellence, exceptional values, inspiring faculty and an amazing community in a beautiful campus.

UW-Madison offers more than 4,200 courses teaching about more than 100 different fields. The learning experience at UW does not take place only in the classroom. Undergraduate students are given research opportunities and that enables them to try and applied the acquired knowledge to impact the communities they live in.

There are many organizations available on campus that the students can join and that also adds to the learning experience.

Wisconsin has a key policy and that is to create a situation where students apply their acquired knowledge not only within the field of expertise but also outside of it. This principle has transformed the mind of students at the university and that enables them to work in diverse fields.

Student life
Students studying at UW find themselves in an environment that is enriched with a culturally diverse community. The campus provides students with programs and services that meet the real student needs and concerns.

Students can improve their experience by joining residential learning communities which are designed to bring together students and staff to discuss issues related to their field within the residence halls. This practice has been shown to be highly beneficial.

The university also offers a health service that provides high quality care in a manner that is appropriate to the student. UW-Madison wants its students to be at their best shape, that is why it offers an integrated care model that takes into account not just the physical but also the mental well being of the students by offering counseling services.

UW has been recognized as one of the most prolific research institution in the world. Wisconsin is driven by the desire to explore new worlds and find solution to real problem affecting mankind. The institution does not limit its research program to faculty members or graduate students, undergraduates are also invited and that turns the whole campus into a research enterprise.

Public Service
For more than 100 years the UW has been guided by a tradition that was first started in 1904 by President Charles Van Hise. He declared that he will never be satisfied until every family in the States benefits from the university. Today that idea influences all activities that take place in the university.

Learning abroad
Wisconsin is known for offering its students the opportunity to study abroad. The establishment has been consistently ranked in the list of top ten for the number of students sent abroad to study. There are more than 180 programs that students can study in more than 70 different countries.

More than 131 countries are represented on campus considering that UW has enroll over 4,000 international students

In its 2007 report, the Center for Measuring University Performance ranked UW-Madison 11th among national universities. In 2009, the university was ranked 6th by the Global Language Monitor in the TrendTopper MediaBuzz rankings. In 2011 the rankings was increase to 1st in Internet Media Buzz. The establishment was also ranked 10th among public schools by the U.S.News & World Report in 2012.

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