Citibank Application

Citibank Company Overview

Citibank operates a chain of international banking and financial institutions. The bank offers a complete line of banking services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages and retirement planning, caters to the financial needs of the bank customers. The bank also offers financial insurance options, credit accounts and electronic transfers of funds.

Originally called City Bank of New York, Citibank was founded in 1812. It is owned and operated by Citigroup Inc. The bank is publicly listed on the New York stock exchange. A subsidiary, the bank helps generate more than $80 billion in annual revenues. The bank, with headquarters in New York, New York, employs hundreds of thousands of part time and full-time workers and professional associates throughout the world.

Candidates seeking employment in the banking sector should consider filling out the on-line application for working at the bank. The bank offers full-time and part time Jobs and career opportunities with flexible hours, paid training programs, and work and career advancement potential. Apply online to learn more about the bank’s jobs today.

Facts about working with Citibank

The minimum age for eligibility to work at the bank is 18 years of age. The bank’s office hours are Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to 5 pm, Fridays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturdays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. closed on Sundays.

The most commonly available positions at The bank: customer service representative, teller, personal banker, relationship banker, business insurance agent, official business services, insurance agent, employee benefits manager, financial advisor to SSI, Information Security Officer, corporate banker, mortgage rights service representative, Portfolio Manager, collections representative, sales manager, wealth management agent, mortgage loans officer, private financial advisory services, investment adviser.

Those interested in applying for a career opportunity at Cintas can folow the URL link below:

Tips For the interview at Citibank

Please fill out the online application form for the bank to find interesting opportunities in the banking sector and land the financial services job of your dreams. There is an online request form for the convenience of potential employees. Apply online to find locations of the bank that are hiring today.

The bank needs to hire dedicated and motivated workers, to fill full-time and part time jobs and career opportunities. Jobs that the company consistently recruits for include sales associates, customer service representatives and administrative assistants. The Bank’s sales associates help customers select the most appropriate service. Customer Service Representatives answer questions to the best of their abilities regarding the company’s products, services and policies. Administrative Assistants perform various tasks related to office business, including the submission of documents, scheduling of meetings and taking memos. The bank atms also require the hiring of security guards in many places. Corporate careers such as accounting, marketing, consulting, account management and branch management need to be filled at the bank.

When hired, all the bank’s employees receive competitive compensation packages. Workers enjoy a generous base salary and Full-time associates earn be able to access work benefits. The bank’s benefits packages include medical coverage, retirement plans, 401 (k) plans, employee assistance programs and child care options. There are discounts on branded goods and services.

The bank provides career professionals exciting full-time employment opportunities in a strong industry. It also provides many jobs with excellent pay and benefits for employees.Candidates for Citibank work must complete a fairly standard interview process used throughout the American financial services sector. Often based on phone interviews, the bank organizes multiple points of contact with the selected applicants to make hiring decisions. During the phone interview the bank presents future associates the opportunity to explain previous work experiences relate to the desired job. The interviewees can expect to answer questions such as: Why do you want to work with Citibank? And, why are you a good candidate for this specific position? Applicants must plan to Schedule about 25 minutes for telephone interviews with the bank.

After the first round of interviews by telephone, the bank hosts additional interview session in situ at a local bank branch or at another designated location. The latest rounds of interviews with the bank usually have panel formats or are one on one. As a financial institution specializing in consumer banking, the bank largely uses interviews in person to asses a candidate’s customer service skills. The bank often hires managers who know how to deal with a difficult customer or how to encourage a potential customer to do business with the bank. Applicants also need to participate in role-playing scenarios to further demonstrate their ability to handle situations in everyday banking. Interviews for Jobs at the bank that require more advanced expertise, often involve highly technical financial issues in addition to standard behavioral and situational questions.

Before embarking on the process of interviewing with the bank, job-seekers should do some research on the culture of the financial services industry in general and Citibank in particular. Interview attire must qualify as formal business and comply with recognized standards of corporate clothing. Avoid dramatic colors and eccentric styles in favor of conservative, appropriate business attire for the interview. Arriving at Citibank interviews on time and having prepared questions for the end of the interview indicates professionalism, it is recommended that you contact your recruiter within two weeks of the final interview to demonstrate a sustained interest in work. Candidates normally complete interviewing with the bank after two to four weeks.

Citibank possible interview questions:

Do you have any previous experience in finance? Explain. What skills make you a good fit for this position? What distinguishes you from other candidates interested in this position? What was, or may be, your best subject in school? What is the difference between a checking and savings product? What do you know about our financial products? Tell me about a time that you faced a dissatisfied customer, how did you handle it?

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