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This week on we share our latest tips on obtaining free courses for specific career paths. Some of the most affordable degrees will also be discussed to allay fears of rising education costs. With more than 500 free courses, we offer the perfect starting place for any prospective student, with the option to upgrade to an affordable online degree at any point. With the rising disparity between the earnings of degree holders and non-degree holders, it has never been more important than now to upgrade yourself and achieve a qualification.

IT & Business Career options in focus:

The most popular degree at present is the MBA which offers multiple pathways such as ACCA, CIMA and CIM, as part of the same degree. Such integrated pathways makes it easy to boost your CV, as you effectively receive two or three qualifications at once.

Law careers in focus:

The LLB is the formal pathway to a law degree, however if you have graduated in any other subject it is easy to convert to law, with the one year graduate diploma in law.

In the UK, University fees are generally rising, with the exception of other EU states. What we do see though is a tendency towards more scholarships, leading to free PHD qualifications. The impact of this is that students and their families are generally expected to fund their own Bachelor and Master degrees in order to reach the stage where a free PHD is available. Whilst this would have been a concern under the old pricing regime, the good news is that there are now more forward thinking institutions who make available affordable Bachelors degrees amid rising prices from leading establishments. Such thought leaders include LSBF and BPP.

Finally, distance learning provides a significant relief to those students who do not wish to travel to the USA or UK, but who nevertheless would prefer to obtain a degree from such institutions. It is estimated that Africa and Asia will see a significant growth in learners who prefer to study online. The benefits of online learning outweigh any other forms of study, however a prerequisite is that the learner should be motivated to study independently.


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