Spanish Classes

Free Spanish Classes Online

Below is a selection of free spanish courses online, which users will find useful for either beginner or advanced levels depending on your language needs. Spanish is spoken widely around the world and given the high population levels in Latin America it can be a useful language to have under your belt! We hope you enjoy the Spanish courses and that you will find more to recommend!

123 Teach Me 

At 123 Teach me you can experience free Spanish training courses which will include several topics such as “Resources library” to vary your techniques of learning, “Spanish Games” which will help adult and young learners learn through fun, there is “Spanish for Kids” which will enable children to learn Spanish easier and there is even “Testing” which will gauge your progress in the Spanish Language. Overall this is a useful resource and we highly rate it for individual of family use.

BBC learning

At BBC learning they have some interactive tools that can help you learn Spanish online too. Whilst originally intended for holiday makers going abroad, this now has become a popular tool for people everywhere who’d like to learn Spanish for English speakers. Overall a helpful tool.

Online Free Spanish

Online Free Spanish is exactly what it name states: A fully online service where learners can get Spanish classes on the go without paying. It also has a good public rating and is worth using.

Video / Youtube based spanish course:

We have included a video on Spanish training, it is typically useful to have audio and visual stimulation during language training and for Spanish it means you can learn it quicker.

Medical Spanish: Web Site (Free spanish courses online for medical professionals)

If you are a healthcare provider – i.e. Doctors, Nurses and paramedics and you will work in a Spanish speaking country or entertain large numbers of Spanish speaking visitors, why not learn Spanish? Medical Spanish will help you learn specific terminology used in your profession – we recommend this for medical professionals.