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Some courses our portal will refer you to are hosted by Universities from around the world whereas others are from institutions such as the BBC and others.

A brief line up from the world’s top Universities:

Yale University: an establishment known for excellence in economics courses,

London school of Economics: an establishment offering business, economics, finance and MBA which produces several videos to market in the public domain.

University of western Sydney: distinguished for economics, finance and other areas.

UC Berkeley: Well known for business, finance, MBA and related education.

George Washington University: a famous University for business, finance and MBA.

Stanford University: A renowned institution for finance, MBA and economics.

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More Universities and Colleges worldwide providing a free experience:

The way students become familiar with an educational establishment these days is by taking a sample experience online – if it is good – many will progress by also signing up for paid degrees and diplomas. By leaving feedback on Myfreecoursesonline or on the provider site, learners can help others choose courses from the best providers.

More career resources: Users will find guidance pertaining to vocational interest tests, salary scale indicators for specific careers, student visa information for Universities in more than 16 different countries