2013 Version of Skype Offline Installer (Standalone)

Everyone is using Skype these days. After all, it is extremely convenient as you can make calls, send messages around the entire world for free. Skype is extremely popular and not only amid the teenagers, but also amid the adults. It is easy and extremely simple to make use of this amazing and beneficial app. Today, Skype is considered to be the most powerful application that allows you to make free video calls on other people’s PCs or even on mobile phones. Many people have this app installed on their computers or mobiles.
This software is not widely popular only because you can make free calls in the entire world, but also because the quality of the sound and of the video is a spectacular one. There are no other apps that can allow you to make video calls at such a quality. Also, it is highly sought because it is very secure. This app do not require to make changes to your router or firewall.
Skype can be used on all Windows operating systems as Windows XP, 7/8 Linux, Mac OS X and so on. It can also be used on all mobiles that have androids or even on the Symbians mobiles. It is indeed hard to believe, but even on mobiles you can enjoy making calls, video calls, sending messages, or transfer files. This means that you are going to stay close to your friends all the time with this noteworthy app.
2013 is an excellent year for the users of Skype platform. After all, it was released the latest platform for Skype Offline Installer or Skype Standalone Installer. This latest feature will change entirely your perspective about Skype. With it, you will be able to make free calls in the wide world.
What exactly does Skype Offline or Skype Standalone Installer means
Skype Standalone Installer is an enhanced version of the old Skype. We can tell it the old Skype now, especially because this new version is the one that  will mostly be used in the next period of time. This app is somehow the opposite of the Skype you knew so far. When you download Skype you have to go through a meticulous process of downloading and installing several things on your computer. However, this version is simpler and following some simple steps you will have this helpful app on your PC or on your Android mobile.
So, if you do not want to go through a rigorous process for installing Skype, you can download the latest version of Skype, and more precisely the innovative Skype Standalone Installer. This version has lots and lots of features that will offer you an amazing experience when talking with your friends.
Let’s see some of the newest Skype’s features.
1. You will have the possibility of making calls in the entire world. You will be able to make calls on other people’ PCs or on their phones. If you will make calls on phones you are going to be charged with almost nothing. At rest, all the calls are even video and are for free.
2. With the latest version of Skype you will be able to connect to Facebook, so you are going to be in touch with your friends all the time. This is extremely convenient for those who are addicted of social networks.
3. Sending free instant messages to all your friends is not a dream anymore. You can do it now with Skype Standalone Installer.
4. If you are offline you can forward the calls to your phone.
5. You can make free video calls in the entire world.
6. Included amid these features is the voice- mail.
Now, that you are aware of all the features that are offered by the latest version of Skype all that remains is to download it and to take advantage of it. You can easily download Skype Standalone Installer and also it is extremely easy to install it on your personal computer or on your Android mobile.
After you finished installing this version of Skype you will be able to enjoy all its features. Stay close to your friends, make lots of free video calls, calls, send messages or share files with them as much as you want.


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4 Responses

  1. Izabella says:

    There’s a new feature on Skype, called the Skype Offline Installer or the standalone installer, it allows users with a free call function to call devices and personal computers throughout the world. It is heavily encrypted and extremely safe for its users. The video voice calls and functions are of first quality due to its extreme clarity. It works on a large number of platforms. You can download the application for Windows operating systems, Mac OS X, Linux and PDAS that use pocket PC’s. Mobile phones and Android mobile phones can also be used to download the application. It can be used to transfer files between users and can be used as a device for instant messaging. To avoid any additional programs and software installations required to download, Skype users may want to download the offline installer which contains many of the same features. Users can still make video calls to other users at no cost. Users can also connect to Facebook and update their status. The instant messaging feature is still available. And finally, the calls can be transferred to mobile devices in offline mode and can leave voice messages to users that are not available to talk.

  2. Anne says:

    What are the most common errors in using the offline installer? Will the Skype version work on any device including smartphones?

  3. ronald wartford says:

    2013 has been a good year; the new version of the Skype has dawned on the world. Skype has been more effective in transmitting of audio, messages, files and even making facial talks all over the world. The new version is simpler and easy to operate. Apparently, this awesome app can be installed on your PC and even your Android mobile. Thus, if you do not want to go through a rigorous process for installing Skype, you can download the latest version of Skype, and more precisely the innovative Skype Standalone Installer. The number of persons using the new version of Skype (Skype Standalone Installer),has increased, why? This is because of the newest Skype features i.e. making calls all over the globe through the mobile phones, being able to connect and access your Facebook. Nevertheless, forwarding calls to phones while offline and making of free calls all over the world. With the new Skype standalone installer, sending free instant messages to all your friends is not a dream anymore. Enjoy the new Skype Standalone installer!

  4. Lance says:

    Just a word of advise: Yes you may download an offline version of skype, but what is the point? to chat or call anyone you’d have to be connected. Peer to peer does not work either with Skype, so really – you have to be connected to the internet to be talking Skype!