Download the challenging Angry Gran Run APK game for Android.

Adventure games have been spotted on top of the list as the most downloaded and interesting games for Android. Games such as temple run and subways surfer are known to be popular in the world of gaming. Today, Android users can look forward to more interesting games that are more challenging and fun to play. One of these games is the Angry Gran Run APK, which is compatible with smartphones and IPods. This is an interesting game to engage in as a way of passing time. The adventure is endless once you start playing. You also have the chance of changing your players as you play along. Angry Gran Run is made of different dimensions and each stage requires great tactics and efforts in order to make it through.

How to play Angry Gran Run APK

Unlike other games that require a lot of dragging and taping, the Angry Gran Run is much easier to play. The game consists of endless running and all you need to do is to control the granny to the required destination. The game starts when granny is on the run and you are required to navigate the direction that the granny moves. To do this, you are required to tilt your Android device towards the direction that you wish the granny to move. At other stages, you are required to make the granny jump or slide through different projects. In such a scenario you can swipe your finger upwards on your screen to make the granny jump or swipe your finger downwards to make her slide. The fun does not stop here, as you get to earn extra bonuses and points in each stage that you overcome. Each level is challenging than the last one and it is your objective to ensure that the granny does not get caught. You can also boost the speed of your granny without having to wait until you get to the next stage. For you to achieve this ability, you are required to collect more coins which will increase the power of the granny.

Features of Angry Gran Run APK

Angry Gran Run composes of great graphics which enhances the display of the game. There are also streets and paths that you are supposed to follow when running. There is also an asylum where the granny runs away from and can be taken back if caught by the guards from the asylum. The game also composes of a help forum highlighted in the menu section of the game. You can refer to this forum after downloading the game, to give you tips on how to play the game and how to overcome the most challenging levels.

How to download Angry Gran Run application

The Angry Gran Run application has become a must have game for Android owners. This is because the game is easy to learn and easy to play. The application is available for free and does not require any registration. If you are an Android user you can save yourself time and hustle by downloading this fascinating application, by clicking here.

Your download should start immediately without any delay, unlike other applications which take time. Another great advantage about this specific application is the fact that, it is small in size and does not require a lot of space. Depending on the version of your android device, you might be required to reboot or restart your device in order for this application to work efficiently. The application will be executed in the form of an APK file after downloading. Once the download is complete, open the application and install the file in your internal memory. The whole process normally takes a few minutes to complete and afterwards you can access Angry Gran Run APK directly from your Android device. The game can be played in turns and can be enjoyed by both the young and the old.

Apart from this interesting game, android owners have the advantage of downloading other challenging games from our play store such as the FIFA 14 APK + SD data. This is a sport game for football lovers, available for free.

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2 Responses

  1. Izabella says:

    I agree, Angry Gran Run is really easy to play. The point of the game is to make the granny run and all you need to do is to monitor her to her destination. The game begins when the grandma is fleeing and you are obliged to navigate in the direction the grandma moves. For this reason, it is necessary to tilt your Android device in the direction grandmother moves. In other parts of the game, the grandma leaps through different stages. You can swipe your finger upwards on the screen for the granny to leap, or slide your finger down to make her slide. You can get extra points and bonuses in each stage. Each level is more difficult than the previous one, and the objective is to ensure that the grandma does not get caught. You can also increase the speed of your Gran without having to wait until you get to the next stage. To achieve this, you have to collect coins that will increase Gran’s power. I really like that it has large graphic that enhance the viewing experience. There is also an asylum where the grandma may be taken if caught by the guards. The game has a help forum in the menu section of the game in case you need more help, but it really is pretty easy to play.

  2. Ronald Watford says:

    Surely, Angry Gran Run APK is an exclusive tower defense game for Android users. The character is Granny, a cloistered grandma residing somewhere in the arctic. Here the weapons are vegetables, which are presented in great graphics thus making the game marvelous. The unique part is that every vegetable serves as a unique type of gun in the game. Angry Gran Run APK is quirky and fun to play on your Android device. Really, it never involves old killing snowmen. If you are a game lover, then Angry Gran Run APK is one sweet game you cannot afford to ignore. Furthermore, the game similarly offers the player a choice on which types of powers they prefer. For the download, you will be in for a wonderful shock; Angry Gran Run is the finest free 3D running game for your Android device! If you love grandma games then you will enjoy this cool FREE running game!