How to Download for Free Subway Surfers for PC (Windows 7/8/XP) and Android

If you are a big fan of the Subway Surfers, the game, you will be more than happy to hear the following news. You probably knew that these games can be played only on a Windows XP operating system. Well, listen well as everything got changed. Now, this incredible and popular game can be entirely played even on Windows 7 and 8. Now, this Android game that responds at the name of Subway Surfers can be downloaded for free. You can feel free to play this amazing game on your PC or on your computer, even on Windows OS.
An important fact about this version is that not yet it was released in an official manner, yet it is not considered illegal to play it, when you get the chance.If you have Android Emulator you can enjoy this game as much as you desire, without any restrains.
This game can be easily played by following some simple methods. There are many ways that will allow you to play the Subway Surfers home, from your PC.
The first method requires that you download Subway Surfers for PC. Also, for this method to run smoothly you will need Android Emulator Software that will allow you to make use of Android Apps on PC. So, for this method are 5 simple steps to follow:
Step 1: You must download Blustacks Android Emulator
Step 2: After you finished downloading the Android you will have to install it into your system
Step 3: You will have to download a file named subway surfers .Apk
Step 4: With your mouse double click on the file previously downloaded
Step 5: Enjoy the game!
This method is widely used as it is the safest one, and with it you will more than surely be able to play your favorite game.
Now, there are other methods that can allow you to play Subway Surfers. They are a bit more difficult than the method presented above, but they are not impossible. If you follow the steps presented at every method, undoubtedly you will be capable to play soon enough your desired game.
For the second method you will not have to install any androids. You will just have to run into your system an exe.file. So, it actually might be easier than the first method.
As well, you will have to follow obediently some steps. They are presented in the next lines.
Step 1: Download for free Subway Surfers for PC
Step 2: Install the game in your PC by making a double click on the downloaded file
Step 3: You must wait until the installation is done and on the screen of your computer the game’s icon will appear
Step 4: Double click on that icon
Step 5: Well, enjoy the game!
So, after all, it is not that difficult to make a game run smoothly on your PC. All you have to do is to download stuffs, to install them, to wait a while, to make some double clicks and to start enjoying the game. Very easy. Well, now let’s get to the final method that can allow you to play this great and popular game on your PC.
The last method involves less steps, which is better for you as you will not have to wait a lot of time before starting to enjoy the popular Subway Surfers game. The steps will be very simple and easy to follow. As long as you really want to play this game, you will not have any problems.
Step 1: You must download Subway Surfers Android from Google Play Store
Step 2: You must install this android directly into your Android Mobile
Step 3: Also, enjoy it!
These are the simplest methods that can help you play this amazing game. As you saw, for each method there are simple steps. Following these steps will lead you into the famous and fascinating world of the game Subway Surfers. This guide was especially created so you can start playing this game as soon as possible, and without having any issues when trying to play it.
Everything will be extremely easier for you if you will follow those steps. No matter which method you will choose, you are going to have a great time playing Subway Surfers in front of your PC.


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5 Responses

  1. Ronald Watford says:

    HIGH FIVE, never thought of these easy, one way techniques of getting my desired bit torrents on my android mobiles. All my life I have lived to believe that torrents are computer stuff, not iPhones, smartphones or any android mobile devices. Truthfully speaking, you have shone some real light to me.
    Something is bogging my mind here; how does one install the torrents using android mobiles? Please help!
    I was trying to install some apps on my smartphones but it never worked, perhaps am the one who does not understand how to install. Am more than grateful the post, I can now get my desired torrents anywhere any time. Thank you very much

  2. admin says:

    The version is on here too. So yes, you can get it all in one go. It’s a free step, really useful.

  3. Mobo says:

    I looked on MoboGenie – it did not have all the advise so I’m back here trying to find out the finer details, will update you guys as soon as I find the real solution for Subway surfing.

  4. Dawn says:

    I’ve used the same method and it works well.
    It is multi player, so that’s great and now I can play it offline without having to worry when will we cut out.

    How fast it will download depends on connectivity and download speed, but mine was done in less than 4 minutes, not bad!

    Now I can play Subway surfers!!

  5. Shay says:

    Yes this is a useful tip. Ideally, one or two players should be able to enjoy this game offline once it is downloaded. The difficulty when playing it by mobile or tablet online is that sometimes when there is low reception, the game freezes, hence I’d love to play Subway surfers in offline mode.

    I was just wondering: Does anyone know how fast it will download for the offline version if we use bluestacks?