Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 310: Related News, Features and Price

Over the year, Samsung has been doing great when it comes to creating new Android Smartphones. Indeed Samsung is known for creating new interesting gadgets with great features that everyone will enjoy.  They are known for creating gadgets like cameras, TVs and even Smartphones. Finally Samsung has released its most awaited Samsung galaxy tab 3 310. This tab comes with great features too like a bigger screen size, great image clarity, and many other features.


Overview Samsung galaxy tab 3 310

Well, being a tech lover, it is important to let you know everything amount this device, including its merits, features, upgrades and demerits. Therefore, by the time you complete reading this post, you are guaranteed that your information on this newly released Samsung tab will increase.

After this great Korean giant company gained huge success in its resent Samsung android Smartphone releases and now they have introduced a new third generation Samsung galaxy tab 3 in its tablet series. Its features include:-

Samsung galaxy tab 3 310 Specs

1.       The display

The Samsung galaxy tab 3 310 comes with a great screen size and resolution as well. Well, this gadget has an 8 inch TFT touch screen. The screen resolution is 1280 X 800 pixels. The screen resolution applies WXGA scLCD technology.

2.       Exterior features

The exterior outer body for this tablet is slick and attractive. It is found in white color which is a very well-known color that Samsung uses in almost all of their Smartphones and tablets.

This device weighs 10.88 Oz. Its external dimensions are as follows, 4.81 X 8.24 X 0.27 (inches) in width, height and dimension respectively.

3.       Interior specs and user interface

It is a known fact that Samsung’s gadgets use the most popular open source operating system from Google. Well, this is not different when it comes to the newly released Samsung galaxy tab 3 310. The gadget is running using android 4.2.2 (jelly bean) operating system, which is the latest operating system from Google.

The operating system is supported by a 1.5GHz dual core processor and a 1.5GB RAM. This makes this tablet very fast in its operation. It does also have an internal memory capacity of 16GB ROM which can be increased using a MicroSD card of capacity up to 64GB.

4.       Camera

This gadget has two cameras; one in front and the other at its rear. The front camera capacity is 1.3MP and the rear camera is 5MP.

These cameras offer features like auto focus, HD video recording capabilities, online image uploading, and ability to edit photos, buddy and Chat On photo share, and different shot modes like beautiful faces, panorama and others.

5.       Video and audio

Audio: Samsung galaxy tab 3 310 offers the best sound clarity  and other features like audio streaming, many different compatible music files like AAC, MP3, AMR, MP4, WAV, FLAC, OGG, ASF, WMA, M4A and 3GA. It does also support different music tones with its Music Player.

Video: this device also has the capabilities to play different video files like AVI, WEBM, 3GP, MP4, MKV, FLV, ASF, WMV and DIVX. It does also offer and support video streaming and video player.

6.       Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, it becomes some-how disappointing because people would not have the ability to connect to the internet through 3G connections or the normal data connection, but only the Wi-Fi connection.Other connection options include Bluetooth 4.0, GLONASS and mini USB port.

7.       Fun and entertainment

It has a lot of features that people can use for entertainment and fun. These features include Downloadable content, S Translator, S voice, IR remote control, animation, games and other features.

8.       Messaging options and business/office features

This tablet can also be used in businesses and offices. This is because it has features like corporate E-mail, calendar, reminder, business management; it is compatible with Microsoft office, virtual private network, On-Device encryption and many other features.

9.       Other great features

This device has other features that do ensure a great user experience. Some of these features include; TouchWiz, widgets, accelerometer, the traditional Samsung UI, Geomagnetic and other features. It does have a battery capacity of 4000mAh that has the ability to be used for 11 hours non-stop.

The price

Well, even though this device is great, it has some limitation like 3G internet connectivity and camera capacity. However, even though this is the case, this device costs $299.99. In India, this device goes for Rs. 21,945.

If you like the Galaxy Tab and want to know some useful tricks – you may want to see how others use the Galaxy as a TV Remote control.  Thanks for sharing this article with others! 

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2 Responses

  1. Erik says:

    The Galaxy 3 Tab 310 is basically the Wifi-only variant while the Galaxy Tab 3 311 is the SIM version that has Wifi capabilities with voice calls. It has the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung TouchWiz UI, powered by a dual-core processor 1.5 Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory with a microSD card slot, 5 megapixel camera, 1.3 megapixels at the front of the camera, with a 8 inch (1280 × 800) LCD screen. All of this, and live sound with Dolby Surround Audio and Video. In addition to the usual characteristics of Samsung apps such as S Translaton, S Travel, Story Album, Group Play,. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch will be available in two variants. The GALAXY Tab 3 311 has a capacity of 3G (voice and data) while the GALAXY 3 Tab 310 is only one version Wi-Fi . Smart Display and unparalleled performance: equipped with a WXGA screen 8 ” (189 ppi). It has a 1280×800 resolution, for an improved viewing experience. Only 7.4mm thin, the device is very easy to hold and lightweight to carry. It runs on the latest Android 4.2 jellybean and has a powerful dual-core processor of 1.5GHz with a 1.5GB of RAM, which offers powerful multitasking & a multimedia experience.

  2. Ronald Watford says:

    Real Great, thanks for the post. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the most loved Smartphones around the world. I did not know that Samsung galaxy tab is powered with Dual-Core processor! Again, thanks for sharing the majesty of Samsung galaxy that has been kept in the darkness for a long time now. This smartphone not only has the Micromax, which is operated with ARM Cortex-AB processor, but is also capable of sustaining a speed of 1GHz and 1.22 GHz on a 3G internet connection. Not forgetting the large internal memory storage volumes. The Samsung galaxy tab is similarly designed with 16 GB for storage with 1 GB of RAM, unlike other smartphones such as the Micromax tablet.