How to Download Easily with IDM a Torrent File

Everyone is using Torrent, and this is a known fact. Now let’s just look at how to do it  for once without harming your computer: With Torrent it is much easier to get in possession of some files that usually are difficult to procure. You can find everything on torrents, from video tutorials to music, movies and video games. However, the only issue that can occur while using torrent is that sometimes the download speed is low. Well, this is what we are going to discuss in this article. How you can increase the speed of downloading files from torrent using IDM.


In the first place, what IDM is? Well, IDM is Internet Download Manager, more exactly an application or a software that allows you to download files at a higher speed then usual. IDM is used on a large-scale by all torrent users that want a higher speed when downloading files. With IDM you can get all the files that you want or need in the shortest time possible.

The easiest and most popular methods used for downloading Torrent files with IDM

Step 1: Browse a torrent site, search and find the file that you want.

Step 2: After you find the file that you want, download it and of course, save it into your PC.

Step 3: After you finished the step from above, you must go to the Zbigz web site,

Step 4: You will have to make an account on this web site. You shall see that you have different options. Choose the free one.

Step 5: After you complete all the forms for your account, you must log in into your new Zbigz account.

Step 6: You will have now to upload the torrent file that you have and press on the Go button.

Step 7: On your screen will be displayed a pop-up window that offers you two different options: Free or Premium.

Step 8: You must choose the free option and as a following you will have to click on it.

Step 9: Now, all you have to do is to wait for a while.

Step 10: The file will be soon downloaded with a bigger speed than usual.

Step 11: After the file is downloaded you will have to click on a .Zip button, which is displayed in a blue color.

Step 12: Now, all you have to do is to enjoy the files downloaded from Torrent with the help of IDM and Zbigz.

So, these are the steps that one must go through in order to get its desired file from torrent. You will see that is extremely easy to download torrent files with IDM, and you don’t even have to pay a cent to do so. Everything is for free as long as you choose the right option when following the steps.

To be able to have the files that you want without having to pay anything is great. I personally use torrent in combination with IDM and I must say that I am deeply satisfied by the advantages that I get using this. A higher speed, more files and a shorter download time than ever. Now, I don’t have to wait hours to get a movie or a video game.

For beginning, before offering you the necessary details about how to use this software in order to download files from torrent you must find about Zbigz. More than probably, many torrent users are familiar with Zbigz, but for those who don’t know what Zbigz is read carefully the next line. Zbigz is a web site, like an official torrent web site, or another method to download files. If you want to properly use IDM you will need Zbigz’ s help.


If you have IDM you can easily choose to download your files through Zbigz. The download speed will be higher than usual, and undoubtedly you will enjoy this method  a lot.

You shall see that downloading files from torrent using IDM it is extremely easy and simple. You are going to have a lot of fun while downloading your desired games, movies or other files.


So, try this method and you will definitely be satisfied by the new generated download speed. Undoubtedly, this method will make lots of Torrent’ users extremely happy.

IDM combined with Torrent can offer you the finest download speed ever possible.


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