Learn How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy S4 as a TV Remote

Well, my dear friends, did you know that your Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used extremely easy as a TV Remote Control? This is what we are going to discuss in this article. You will like the simple steps that must be followed in order to make from your smart phone a remote control.


As you know, Samsung Galaxy S4 is not just a smart phone, it is an incredible smart phone with a wide range of features that can make any person’ s life much easier. This thing is also made by the feature known as Universal TV Remote, which is a unique app that can be found only at the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This feature will allow you to change the channels of your TV  with the help of your phone. Now we know that Samsung Galaxy S4 has this feature imbedded within it. However, how can we use it? How can we install it and make it work? This is what you are going to discover in the following lines.


As you will see, the steps for managing to make your phone work as a TV remote control will be clear and extremely easy to follow. So, let’s see how you can turn your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a TV Remote Control without any difficulties.

Step 1: Every Galaxy S4 has installed within it an app named WatchOn. You will have to open this app as a first step.

Step 2: When the application it is opened you will have to make some setups. You will have to choose the country that you belong in order to reach the next step.

Step 3: Next, you will be asked to insert in the phone the code zip of your country. Once you enter the code just click on Done.

Step 4: You will also be asked to pick the TV’s mark, and once you pick it you will have to point the Samsung Galaxy S4 in front of your TV.


Step 5: When you will see the Power button press on it. Afterwards, wait for almost 12 seconds. Also, be sure that your TV is turned on, otherwise you will have to press again the power button and to wait for another 12 seconds.

Step 6: As a next step you will be asked to insert the name of the device through which you have part of channels, cable connection and so on. According to your TV set you will have to enter the correct information.

Step 7: Go to More Info and enable the Infra Red. Now, there will be some other settings that must be finalized, but they are all extremely simple.

As you saw, the process of turning your Samsung Galaxy S4 into a TV Remote Control, might be a bit too long, but luckily it is extremely simple and easy. You don’t have to spend too much time for turning your phone into a remote control. There are persons that always lose the sight of their TV Remote Control, but never the sight of their phone. So, having by your side a Samsung Galaxy S4 can get you out of the trouble of searching the remote for changing the channels.

In the next lines there will be presented another interesting feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that can be extremely useful for you.

In Settings, you have an option named Add Room. With this option, you will be able to easily add channels that interest you most in your Samsung Galaxy S4 memory. This way, you will always be able to go at your favorite channel as soon as possible.

So, owning a Samsung Galxy S4 can entirely change your day. You can make lots of things with this phone, even turning it into a TV Remote Control. This is an amazing thing, and you should know that lots of people are already taking advantage of this feature. Just sit there, on your chair or bed and go through all the channels from your TV much faster than you would do it with a common remote control.

You will not have to pay a cent for this feature as it comes pre- installed from the Samsung company. Also, you can take advantage of it any time you want as long as you followed the steps mentioned above.


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  1. Ronald Watford says:

    Hehe, did you know that we do have two rapiers in one casing and the fact is both are sharp. Samsung Galaxy S4 is now on verge of overwhelming almost all types of mobiles available, not even the smartphones. Surely, Samsung galaxy s4 is one of the newest gadget at the current scenario of smartphones. The Samsung galaxy S4 is proving to be quite worthy now that it can be used as a TV. I have the Samsung galaxy S4 and I cannot imagine the feeling of enjoying the upcoming world cap football matches on my mobile, at the comfort of my cozy bed! What would you use your mobile for in this world of growing technology? After doing my thorough investigation, I have come to understand the Samsung are also proving to be great for remote control. All thanks to the developer!