After this course, one will be able to build and construct decent and robust structure.

Architecture Studio, Building in Landscapes is a video available via Itunes by Jan Wampler at MIT

Roman Architecture

Download free courses via iTunes Audio –  Download Course  as presented by   Diana E. E. Kleiner at Yale university.

Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes:

This exercise presents expertise required to build within a landscape founding permanencies between the built and natural world. Leaners are taught how to build correctly through study of landscape and weather for a selected location, and to hypothesize project assessments through technical drawing: by lecturer: Prof. Jan Wampler.

Watch a live lecture from Yale University on Architecture:

Another video from Yale University on Architecture:


History of Architecture I:  History of Architecture I (Arch 5110) is aimed at an audience of architecture students and traces thematic arcs to provide a conceptual overview of architectural history from pre-history through the nineteenth century. The intent is not to develop an historical or art historical argument, but rather to provide an insight into the formal structure and technological challenges of the built environment. The ambition is to develop strategies that will help young architects make design decisions and better appreciate the richness of the material world as well as to understand the political and social implications of every architectural act in the society.

By The Ohio State University.


Structures 2: This course covers the basic principles of elastic behavior for different building materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and composite materials and compares the properties and applications of materials generally. It investigates cross sectional stress behavior in flexure and in shear, and torsion as well as the stability of beams and columns. It also closely examines in full details the qualitative behavior of combined stresses and fracture in materials.

With the field of Architecture being very diverse, ranging from ancient to modern and futuristic, we encourage any recommendations from you on other suitable content, thank you for watching!

 Interesting facts about careers as an Architect following courses in architecture:

1. In the UK and Europe fully qualified architects start by earning less than £35K per annum and generally, this seems to rise only after about 3 years of service.

2. Senior level pay in Europe is around £70K or more

3. In terms of regeneration, Brazil is currently the country with the most opportunities on the horizon.

4. Starting level salaries in the USA is as low as $15K per annum

5. A career in Architecture is one of the most rewarding options for those who are creative and with Latin America and ASIA offering some of the best opportunities in the world for the next century.

6. According to May 2011 US Department of Labor statistics, architects in the USA earn between $44,030 and $119,410 a year. Half of all architects earn more than $73,340 and half earn less. The mean annual wage is $79,300 per year, and the mean hourly rate is $38.13.

7. In Canada Professional architects with 20 or more years of experience earn an average income of $100,723. Twenty percent of the experienced architects earn up to $142,200, according to the Design Intelligence survey.

Bottom Line:  Range of typical starting salaries after Part 1 (first-degree qualification): £15,000 – £20,000.

Range of typical salaries after Part 2 (second degree or diploma): £20,000 – £26,000.

Range of typical salaries after Part 3 (final exam leading to registration as an architect) or for those with experience and/or qualifications: £26,000 – £35,000.  Range of typical salaries at senior level/associate/partner level: £35,000 – £80,000.