Chinese Mandarin training

Free Chinese Mandarin language courses online

China has made it’s intentions clear in recent dealings with Argentina, Africa and other parts of the world: Which is that they are eager to share their culture and learn other cultures across countries that they do business with. This means that many westerners are currently reciprocating by learning Chinese Mandarin.

  • Real Chinese Web Site
    • The BBC learning department provides an introduction to Mandarin Chinese presented over 10 short parts with video clips from a Chinese TV series.
  • My Chinese Class – Be sure to check out this great free resource online.
  • Chinese for complete beginners iTunes Free
    • The Open University provides introcutionary free Chinese lessons for students worldwide.

A Live youtube presentation – Free Chinese lesson online:



  • Chinese Learn Online iTunes FreeFeed
    • Learn Chinese free by means of a dialogue-based introduction to Mandarin Chinese. MP3’s available.
  • Chinese Lessons with Serge Melnyk iTunes FreeFeed
    • Wow – great reviews from iTunes users worldwide.
  • iTunes FreeFeed
    • Mandarin made easy, beginners through advanced.
  • CSLPod iTunes FreeFeed
    • This resource is great as it has native Mandarin speakers teaching you Chinese as a second language. Audio and transcripts can be found on the website. The lessons also helps the learners to understanding Chinese culture.
  • iTunes FreeFeed
    • This series of lessons teaches Chinese by talking about Chinese culture or what is happening today in China. More advanced than others, so it is probably better to start with the basic courses first.
  • Mandarin Chinese FeedWeb Site
    • 10 Lessons by the US Peace Corps. For optimal use learners should visit the site and download the pdf that accompanies the lessons, Chinese made easy!
  • Mandarin Chinese Characters iTunes Free
    • Created by Emory University, this series of video lessons will aid the learner to comprehend and draw several characters and numbers.
  • Mandarin language use in China Web Site
    • US peace corps provides some free Chines tuition.
  • World News in  Chinese iTunes FreeWeb Site
    • Learn through real world scenarious: Use the news as a basis to learn from, very innovative.
  • Numbers and Radicals iTunes Free
    • Emory University offers video training that focusses on proper Chinese Mandarin writing, probably more advanced.
  • One Minute Mandarin iTunes FreeFeed
    • Chines on the go: learn quickly in snippets.
  • Popup Chinese iTunes FreeFeed
    • This is a really cool resource that facilitates learning through a variety of media, well worth checking out
  • Basic Chinese for tourists abroad iTunes FreeFeed
    • As a tourist in China, learn the phrases mostly used while traveling in China.
  • World Learner Chinese iTunes FreeFeed
    • A good alternative option for learning Chinese free online.