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Free computer and IT courses online.

We have listed contributions from UC berkeley, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Melon and several other providers. This is a large section dedicated to specifically to free it courses online.  Albeit non-exhaustive, please take your time and enjoy this section.


AngularJS course for developers, with Udemy coupons.

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 Free HTML course online

This introduces learners to both elementary and advanced elements of using HTML and HTML5 in web design.

Free A+ course online

A+ Hardware courses for PC engineers, courtesy of the E-learning Centre.

Free MCSE course online

Take your MCSE systems administrator course free and be a systems engineer.

Free SEO training course online

TOP2SEO offers a free course online to help you learn SEO, adsense and so much more – high quality video presentations.

Free Excel course online

Take a free Excel course online and learn how to use spreadsheets for personal, business or accounting use, Microsoft Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet software.

Free MS Office course online

Microsoft office is by far the world’s most popular word processing software, you can start today by taking a free class online for this course.
Web design and web development courses free

Learn HTML, XML, and HTML 5, Web design, Drupal, Joomla, Word press and much more with this free online resource.

Moodle courses for free

Learn how to design e learning with the world’s first and best free platform for online learning and online courses, used by universities and colleges worldwide.

A practical guide to Machine LearningiTunes Video – Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa from  CalTech presents this module.

A practical guide to Media ProgrammingWeb – Carnegie Mellon presents this free course online.

A practical guide to Multicore Programming Primer iTunes  as presented by Saman Amarasinghe.

An Introduction to Computer Science Using C, PHP, and JavaScript – Multiple FormatsiTunes – David Malan @ Harvard shares a free IT course with learners.

A modern guide to quantum Computing for the Determined YouTube – Presented by Michael Nielsen @ The University of Queensland

An introduction to Problem Solving & ProgrammingYouTube – Presented by Deepak Gupta @ IIT shares a free online course via YouTube.

A guide to Data Structures iTunes Video – Paul Hilfinger, UC Berkeley

A guide to Developing Apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad)iTunes Video – Presented by Paul Hegarty, Stanford

Developing iPad Applications for Visualization and Insight iTunes Video – Niki Kitur, Carnegie Mellon

A beginners guide to iPhone Application Development in iOS5 HD Video iTunesStandard-Def. Video iTunes

A practical guide to iPhone Application Development iTunes – Stanford university

A modern guide to iPhone Application Development iTunes – Stanford university offers this free IT course via iTunes, fully downloadable and hugely popular.

An Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers iTunes AudioiTunes Video Here we see Roberto Horowitz @ UC Berkeley presenting a useful IT course for professionals.

An introduction to Logic & ProofsWeb Site – Carnegie Mellon has a website where it shares this information in a free course.

An introduction to machine StructuresiTunes Video – David Culler, @ UC Berkeley shares his research in a free IT course via video, hugely popular!

Android Development – iTunes Video – This is a tech discussion and lecture hosted by David Fisher from UC Berkeley, in this free online course he sheds light on the development of Android systems.

An introduction to Discrete Mathematical StructuresYouTube – Kamala Krithivasan @ IIT shares his research in a free IT course online via YouTube.

Artificial Intelligence by Pieter Abbeel, UC Berkeley YouTubeiTunes Video – Learners can choose from a variety of iTunes of Video media where Pieter discusses artificial intelligence at length, a very useful IT topic to explore.

Artificial Intelligence & RoboticsYouTubeiTunes VideoMultiple formats – A lecture where Oussama Khatib from Stanford ellaborates on intelligence related to the use of robotics, this free course is very informative.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine LearningYouTubeiTunes VideoMultiple formats – Andrew Ng from Stanford presents his research on machine learning and discusses this breakthrough technology.

Artificial IntelligenceYouTube – In this section P. Dasgupta from IIT shares his research on artificial intelligence.

Understanding Operating Systems & System Programming YouTubeiTunes Video – Anthony Joseph, @ UC Berkeley introduces a trending topic in this free course.

The Computer Science of Digital InformationMultiple Formats Harry Lewis @ Harvard shares his research with students worldwide.

Building Dynamic Web SitesiTunesVideo & Audio – David Malan @ Harvard helps people understand more about dynamic web sites.

Building Mobile ApplicationsiTunesWeb Site – David Malan @ Harvard Extension makes available information pertaining to mobile extensions, building them and several other interesting topics.

Coding Apps for both iPhone and iPadiTunes – Paul Hegarty @ Stanford discusses this trending topic with learners.

Computational Camera and PhotographyDownload Course – Ramesh Raskar @ MIT has prepared a fully downloadable course for a tech niche.


Exploring the Performance Engineering of Software SystemsYouTube – Presented by multiple Professors @ MIT, free online courses.

Exploring the Principles of Digital Communications I YouTubeiTunes – As presented by Professors Gallagher and Zheng@ MIT

Exploring the Principles of Digital Communications II YouTube – Shared with the public, courtesy of MIT.

Exploring the Future of the InternetiTunes – Ramesh Johari@ Stanford discusses where the internet may be heading next and some technological trends in this free course.


An Introduction to AlgorithmsiTunesYouTubeWeb Site –  Professor Charles Leiserson and Erik Demaine @ MIT has produced a free online course available via audio or video.


My free courses share’s an introduction to Computer Science: Programming Paradigms YouTubeiTunesMultiple formats – Jerry Cain @ Stanford, highly recommended.

My free courses share’s an Introduction to Computer GraphicsYouTube – Prem Kalra @ IIT has produced and published this course.

My free courses share’s Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I Web Site – Several Professors from MIT presents this free course accessible via web.

My free courses share’s Introduction to Embedded Systems YouTube Sanjit Seshia and Edward A. Lee from UC Berkeley presents this.


Principles of Discrete Stochastic Processes –  YouTubeiTunesWeb Site – Robert Gallagher @ MIT shares with learners his research in a free course available in several online formats.

Principles of Programming Languages and Compilers YouTube – Paul Hilfinger @ UC Berkeley shares his research with learners from around the world via YouTube in free online courses.

Principles of Programming Languages and Compilers YouTube – Ras Bodik from UC Berkeley shares his research and a wealth of knowledge all during a free course helping IT professionals.

Search Engines & Technology, Society and BusinessYouTube – A presentation by Marti Hearst @ UC Berkeley

Software EngineeringYouTube iTunes AudioiTunes Video – Multiple Professors, UC Berkeley

The Beauty and Joy of ComputingiTunesYouTube – Brian Harvey, UC Berkeley

Understanding the Structure and Interpretation of Computer ProgramsYouTubeiTunes – Brian Harvey @ UC Berkeley shares his research via video, available free on the internet.

Understanding Computers and the InternetiTunesWeb Site – David Malan, Harvard University

Understanding Operating Systems and System ProgrammingiTunes – A group of professors @ UC Berkeley presenting a free course.

Understanding Computer NetworksYouTube – S.Ghosh @ IIT shares networking information in a free online course via YouTube.

Your guide to Database Systems DesigniTunes  As presented by Dr. Rob Meredith @ Monash University.


Your guide to Computer System EngineeringWeb Site – Profs. Robert Morris and Samuel Madden @ MIT explore free IT courses on system engineering, useful for MCSE and CCNA/CISCO students.

Your guide to computer Graphics & TechnologyYouTube – Sukhendu Das @ IIT explores the latest trends on graphics, a free YouTube video.

Your guide to computer Language Engineering Web Site – Martin Rinard @ MIT explores e learning and language engineering.

Your Introduction to Computer Science and Programming YouTubeiTunesWeb Site  Presented by Eric Grimson and colleague John Guttag from MIT, presenting useful free online courses helping IT professionals.

Your Introduction to Computer Science: Programming MethodologyYouTubeiTunesMultiple formats – Mehran Sahami from Stanford University presents an IT course on computer science.

Your Introduction to Computer Science: Programming Abstractions presented by Julie Zelenski from Stanford YouTubeiTunes Multiple formats – Mixed media formats offered in a free online IT course on computer science for multiple IT professions.



Interesting features about computer and IT courses online.

According to the National salary data, this is one of the courses that are expanding and promising and will be rewarding in future since many network companies are trying to invest in the IT sector. At any point, everybody is affected by the frequent changes that occur in the IT sector. Salary in this sector is varying and dependent by factors such as the experience of a person, the state one works in, the size of the company, the position one holds in the company and most importantly the state of the economy of that period.

An Office Manager earns $41,589; an Operations Manager earns $60,456, an Executive Assistant earns $49,462, an Administrative Assistant earns $35,908, a Mechanical Engineer earns $65,751, a Human Resources (HR) Manager earns $60,527 while a Software Engineer earns $76,635 on average.

The median expected salary for a typical Network Engineers in the United States and Canada is $58,703. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals’ analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies.

Computer Teacher average salary is $37,915, median salary is $39,000 with a salary range from $20,800 to $62,400.
Computer Teacher salaries are collected from government agencies and companies. Each salary is associated with a real job position. Computer Teacher salary statistics is not exclusive and is for reference only. They are updated regularly depending on various factors.