Coaching and development course


Today I’d like to share with you just a few lines from the Coaching and Development course for business. You should join us here

Firstly, the rationale behind coaching can be explained by watching this video:



Throughout this course we have looked at how you can become an effective coaching manager.  We have looked at the benefits of coaching: job satisfaction, increased profitability, growth, company loyalty, etc.… These benefits prove that coaching your employees is in your company’s best interests and will help your company to become an innovate leader in its niche.


We also cleared up the what if’s surrounding coaching.  These what ifs focused on time, employee responsibility, and the fear of losing your job.  We realized that time is available through proper time management and that it is your employee’s responsibility to participate in the coaching process.  We clarified that you could very well lose your position or job however that will probably be in the event of you being promoted or maybe even head-hunted.


We explored the importance of building trust, keeping confidentiality, time managing, and facilitating the coaching process as ways to create an environment conducive to coaching your employees.


We then explored the power ownership has in the coaching process and your employee’s growth.  We realized that ownership stems from a sense of belonging and helps employees to see themselves as integral to the company’s growth.  They become more loyal and skilled in their careers as they take responsibility for their career growth.


We then learnt the skills needed to be an effective coaching manager, namely, the E-approach. Enquire, engage, empathize, and encourage.  We saw that by using these skills, we automatically help create and stabilize a trusting and safe environment for your employees. They will find you trustworthy, attentive, supportive, and understanding, while you push them to look deeply into themselves for creative solutions to problems.  The coaching process is one of greater self-awareness and a process of collaboration and support in which you, the coaching manager, help your employees navigate through uncertainty, doubts, and fears towards their goals and answers.


We also looked at how we need to embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and not see it as a defining factor of who we are.  Some of the most famous and well-known successors of the past failed several times before being seen as a success.  These successful failures have not stopped, there are many successful failures in our present years. We realized that all of these people embraced failure as an opportunity to grow.


By implementing and practicing all these skills and views, my hope is that you will find the coaching process to be worth your time and investment.  Good luck with your endeavour to bring out the best from your employees and furthering the growth of your company.


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