Demography courses

Demography Courses.

The Trends and Problems Associated with Demography in the Modern World: Prof. David Coleman of the Dept. of Social Policy, University of Oxford gives free talks in a series of lectures and topics about the demographic trends in the modern world.

Introduction to Demographic Methods Course: At the end of the course, students will have knowledge on how data on life, death, marriage, and divorce and census information is gathered and analyzes. Study materials include lectures, notes and audio accompaniments.

Population Geography and Demography Course: The aim of the course is equipping students with the study of spatial variations in distribution, Density, composition and growth of human numbers on earth and the population characteristics and it is offered online.

Problems of the Globe

Professor David Coleman, Professor of Demography tries to explain the study of populations and demographics in detail in this introductory series. Using statistics gathered from censuses, parish records and other sources, Professor Coleman looks at the ways in which populations rise and fall through history. This series is at an introductory level and individuals need no prior knowledge of analyzing statistics or mathematics.

Interesting Facts about Demographic Courses.

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