Job interiews with S&P 500 companies

Doing an apprenticeship with either a FTSE100 or S&P500 company can be useful for many reasons, not least because of the valuable experience and insights into successful business methods that the student will acquire. Whether the learner is studying accountancy, MBA, Medical or even Marketing, there is bound to be an interim position that will help increase general understanding of the professional duties and real life requirements that will follow theoretical modelling.

Here are some ideas of interim positions that can be considered:

Mc Donalds job applications:

You may be at Wheatley campus of Oxford Brookes in the UK, or Standford – even Berkeley in California. There is bound to be a Mc Donalds near you. Now if it is a regional center, it is possible that the learner can help by conducting market research at the outlet which will provide the company with insight as to how the customer experience can be improved. Mac Donalds are in so many different countries, thus marketers can research various methods to adapt to the local markets.

Broadcom job applications for students:

Your MBA may be in technology, in which case it could be worth considering Broadcom. Ranging from Telecoms to internet communication highways, there is bound to be a customer interface and an end to end process which MBA’s can explore. Interested in understanding how systems can integrate to enhance the human experience with tech? Broadcom should be an exciting company to find a placement with.

Century link job applications:

If you look at Broadcom, Century link should also be a great choice to consider. Comparing the company cultures present at either organization would be an interesting task to take on – and whether that can be a part of managerial studies or again conducting marketing research, it is bound to educate the learner in various aspects of strategy and differentiation.

Student jobs can be flexible and designed in a way to help both the company to draw value from the student – and the for the student to interact with some key business leaders, thereby gaining critical insight. Setting up a job interview will depend on weather a specific vacancy has been advertised. If this is not the case, it is possible to approach the company and suggest a role which will be useful to both the organization and the learner.

Now some great interview skills will go a long way and improve the applicants chances of securing a position. Preparing well for an interview can make the difference. Understanding the company culture will ensure that you will blend in well. Here is a useful video to help prepare for the next round of interviews:


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