Top 10 iPhone 5s features and apps for students: apps they should consider

Ever since when Smartphones were introduced into the market, we have witnessed the growth in information as well as communication. Every college student in the whole world is always going to school with their phones in hand. There is no doubt that there are many phones in the market. However, for a student, which is the best Smartphone to have? This is a question that many students ask themselves.

Well, the main aim is, having a phone that gives you the ability to install apps that you want as well as help you in seeking information and communication.  However, the question is which are the top 10 iPhone 5s features and apps for students? In this article, we are going to talk about the best iPhone 5s features and apps for a student.

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IPhone 5s features and apps

01. iMovie

This is one of the most ambitious apps for iPhone 5s. This app is a great app especially to students who are learning movie making techniques. Well, this app is a movie making app which acts as a studio in your pocket. This is because iPhone 5s offers the best and HD video recording. Due to this fact, through iMovie, users have the ability to edit and publish their own movie or videos and post them on YouTube, Facebook or vimeo.

02. iTunes U

This is a free app for your iOS operating system that will give you access to courses from schools and universities. The courses you receive are completely free which do also include assignments. This app has the ability to provide study materials like videos, videos and even books, documents and preservations.

03. The Official SAT Question of the Day

This app is directly described by its name. This app is the best for students, because it does give you new official SAT questions every day. Moreover, students have the ability to view the past questions that date to the last 7 days. This app has the ability to give you collective information on the questions you got wrong and the ones you got a correct answer.

04. World Atlas HD

World Atlas HD is the best app to have for those students who are in the national geography class. This app will show the world using national geographic, which comes together with key information per country.

05. Math Board

Math Board is a great app to have in your iPhone 5s. This app offers simple addition but tricky division and multiplication equations. Through the app, it is a great way to practice math.

06. Photogene for iPhone

This is another great app that students should consider having. This app helps users to edit images. It has several editing tools special effects, export options, and many other features. In iPhone 5s, users have the ability to use it very easily.

07. Reeder

This app is must have app. This app works well with Google reader and fever, which enables you to always be on updated with your favorite websites. Through this latest Smartphone, this app looks wonderful and fast.

08. Tweetbot

Indeed many students would be lost and out of place without tweetbot and twitter. This is the best app for your iPhone 5s. Moreover, apple has done its best to improve this app, starting from a usability standpoint, replies, and displays point and on any other areas.

09. BBC iPlayer

This is one of the most demanded TV apps on iOS and it looks even better on iPhone 5s.The picture fits the entire screen very well. It is also very good to see this app streaming Airplay rather than in many cases where use rival apps to look for the same services.

10. Google map

Google map is one of the most popular apps for Smartphone. This app was removed from the iOS 6 from the app, rather than using its own data and other information. However, still this app is one of the best and many people prefer to use it. Through iPhone 5s, students have the ability to download this app and using it.

Well, if the information has been helpful, you should consider expanding your mind with information by reading the article, is the iPhone 5c the best investment for a student?

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